UKIP Councillor blames floods on gays

From the huffpo UK today:

UKIP really are the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t they?

An odd bunch, the UKIP. Their elected officials run the full gamut from right out racists to swivel-eyed religious maniacs. There was some sampling that they might poll higher than the Tories in the upcoming Euro elections:

Not that Euro election results ever reflect the result of any election that means anything, but still.

In life there is balance. It’s like maths. If 2x=y, then y has to equal 2x.

So if gay marriage equals floods, then all these floods will cause gay marriage.

I think.

I hope they have nice weather for their weddings.

I’ve got an election in my constituency this week. The UKIP literature is always… interesting… :smiley:

Good to know we here in the states don’t have the market cornered on the crazy just yet.

I just wanted to admire a great phrase, there. Is that a regular Britishism?

There was a minor bit of controversy when a “senior Tory politician” described some of his party activists as “swivel-eyed loons.”. It’s an insult that everyone can enjoy, so it’s stuck.

You’ve got to relish it when they really show their true colours.
Oh no wait… UKIP doesn’t even have the other colours.

Fine, I admit it. I caused the flooding.

I knew you were shifty looking.

They’ve suspended him now for refusing to shut up.

The problem UKIP has is that it really has attracted some of the further right of the Tory party. And people do have these opinions, and so people are going to vote for them.

No… not ‘shifty’, he is ‘swivel-eyed’.
Read the memo.
Sheeesh, young people these days…

Note they didn’t suspend him for being a swivel eyed religious maniac. They suspended him for opening his mouth and letting people know he is a swivel eyed religious maniac

Which, I assume, is protected, whereas not shutting up while appearing to speak in an official role may not be.

I had to Google what the UKIP was. The search results text for their website was

Which strikes me as the website version of “Hey, I’m not racist, but…”

In his defence, it’s hard to read accurately with eyes that swivel. Or shift, for that matter.

When UKIP suspends you for making them look bad, you’ve really gone off the deep end. I believe in the last-straw radio interview he opined that gays were “spiritually corrupt” people who could be healed through prayer. Nice. All we need now from him is a statement minimizing rape and the GOP will be signing him up.

Also, I now have this stuck in my head:

“Where did you come from?
Where did you go?
Where did you come from,
Swivel-eyed Joe?”

And now you do too. You’re welcome.

The difference is, in Britain the swivel-eyed loons (love that!) have quite rightly created their own party so they can be safely ignored/laughed at without ever gaining much in the way of real power, whereas in America, they’ve taken over one of the main two parties and people still vote for the idiots in droves.

Well, I do, for one.

The joy of UKIP is that they drag the knuckle dragging rightwing voters away from the Tories, which, if the Lord will have mercy on us, will make ‘Call Me Dave’s’ re-election far from a foregone conclusion.