Ultimate Fall Movies

What are movies that just ooze and exude fall (the season)? The first one that springs to mind for me is Rushmore, even though it spans multiple seasons - the most iconic and memorable scenes images from the film are fall-oriented, with fallen leaves and an autumnal vibe everywhere. Next up would be Harold and Maude for a similar reason, and for some reason The Graduate, though that might be more due to the soundtrack’s vibe.

And then…I got nothing. What else?

While some here think its a horrible movie, Dead Poets Society is, I think, a good “Fall” movie.

Obviously “Halloween.” For some reason, “Ordinary People.”

Although it has more to do with the time of year they shot the movies, the American version of The Ring and The Sixth Sense both “ooze and exude” Autumn.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I always watch it around Halloween (and then again at Christmas).