Ultimate fate of the Roe v. Wade plaintiff?

I know Wade was the DA or something in Dallas. I hear Jane Roe, whoever she was, had the baby before the case made it to the SCOTUS, because I think Rehnquist alludes to that in his opinion.

I’ve heard some stories about her later years, but I consider much of it may be apocryphal, nothing more than pro-life urban legend. (I am pro-life, but I don’t accept stories from Paul Harvey at face value anymore after the one he told about the origin of “mulligan” turned out to be BS.)

So what do we know about her, and her fate over the last 30 years?

She has reversed her stance on abortion, and is now a Christian who fights for the pro-life side.

Roe No More Ministry

She also reversed her stance on homosexuality; having lived with a woman partner for twenty years, she now thinks “that homosexuals should be accepted with compassion … but that they should not have any special rights, including the adoption of children.”

In 1980, she admitted that she lied about rape being the cause of the pregnancy in question in Roe v. Wade. She felt used by the lawyers in the case, and said that they played a large role in her realization that she was wrong about abortion.