Ultimate Nick Fury

Why is he a young, bald, black guy?

Cause Sam Jackson is a cool mofo.

Tell me that you’re kidding me…fucking tell me that this is a joke.

Despsite SLJ being a bad (not “cool”) mofo, he is neither young, nor typically bald, and to my knowledge he has no connection with any incarnation of Sgt. Fury.

Cause being black gives you an automatic +50 in the pimposity scale. Thats why the black Green Lantern is cooler the the old white ones.

If this is true, then I’m just sure that Kirby is spinning in his grave. Like Marvel hasn’t done enough to insult the man in the past, let’s just totally take a fantastic work of his and pointlessly urbanize it. This is the exact type of reason why I stopped reading comics regularly and just pick up trade paperbacks of the stuff that’s actually worth reading.

I worry about Kirby too, but then again the Sgt. Fury franchise has already been despoiled by David Hasselhoff.


That, my friend is a load of BS. Before they screwed around with Hal Jordan and made him psycho, there was absolutely no frigg’n way that John Stewart could hold a candle to him. Oh, and while on the subject, the Corps should be brought back, as well as Hal and this loser Kyle should be dropped like the pathetic loser that he is.

But back to the subject at hand, Kirby’s Fury and Steranko’s were awesome stuff.

The “Ultimate” line is pretty decent judging from the few that I’ve read, but I agree that stuff like this is just way over the top.

I just read Ultimate Six #1 and Colonel (or whatever his rank du jour is) Fury is wearing a Harlem Globtrotters uniform and holding a basketball while interrogating four of the most dangerous criminals in America.

The one’s that I’ve read were absolutely far from groundbreaking stuff, and were pretty so-so. The Spider-Man stuff was just okay, and in fact I thought that J. Michael Straczynski’s run on The Amazing Spider-Man was far superior treatment of the character, and this is coming from a LONG time fan of Spidey.

Because if he was small, white and round he would be an asprin!

Sorry. Agreed that it was a pointless alteration, but the Ultimates are supposedly for the casual reader who won’t notice/care for the changes. I don’t really mind since I’m enjoying how they’re updating their character without all the hoohaa of trying to incorporate it into the canonised plot. Imagine it’s another guy who happens to work for SHIELD and has the name Nick Fury by coincidence.

It was probably a management decision to add more ethnic characters to the main cast. Yes, it’s wrong for comic purity reasons and going to piss off the old readers, but why not? Don’t be surprise if they made another character Asian/Latino/Portuguese.

Well, it’s just that slapping an ethnic persona on an already existing character is, in my mind, insulting to the creator, the existing fan base, and the minority that they are trying to appeal to. It’s a cheap and easy way to try and add more diversity to your character line-up. If you want to add minority characters to your book, then create a new character and make it an integral part of that characters reason for being created instead of it just being trite “revisiting”.

Like the issue of the Green Lanterns, in that Hal Jordan and John Stewart were separate characters with totally different personas, backgrounds, etc. It wasn’t something that was done in a way that completely cheapened the Green Lantern book by seemingly having a managerial decision being forced upon it. Instead it was a legitimate story line that added to the furthering of the title’s ongoing history.

I’ve seen the likes of this type of thing happen before, and it usually ends up being just not working and being ditched after a while and the previously existing character’s form being reworked back in the comics line. And this is from someone who’s been reading comics since the 70’s.

I think that Marvel is doing great work with taking the core qualities of their characters and breathing new life into them. So what if Nick Fury is black? Do you also hate that the Wasp is Asian? What’s wrong with getting away from an anglo-centric universe and representing a 21st-century cross-section of America?

Don’t make me puke. The Black Panther is one of my favorite characters and he was created in the 60s.

I have to agree with Hey You! I llike the way the Ultimates are represented now. I was never really a big fan of The Avengers, but I do like the Ultimates.

It doesn’t really matter to me that he’s black now, and I don’t think it’s an insult to the creator. They’re just updating the character in a separte universe, they don’t claim that black Fury is the real guy now- besides he’s still there in the Avenger’s universe right.

If you’re insulted by Nick Fury being black what do you think of the rest of the characters. I mean Mark Miller really did a job on them eh. I can’t think of one character- other than maybe the wasp that I like, but it’s a good story.

It’s pretty well known that Ultimate Fury was drawn with Samuel L. Jackson in mind, I think they actually named SLJ as a possible actor to play Fury in the comic itself somewhere.

Yes, another fine example of an ethnic character created in a proper manner with the best of intentions. When Captain America left the Avenger waaaaaaaay back in the 60’s briefly and the Black Panther was created to fill his place and put into the group, it was a damn fine use of character creation for the sake of diversity. Still, this Nick Fury thing smacks of laziness to me.

monkeylucifer seems to be a bit bent out of shape over a comic, that, based on his FIRST post, I knew he clearly never even looked at, much less read, so he’s comfortable passing judgment while being ignorant of facts. Ultimate Fury has been around for about two YEARS now. You are clearly out of the loop if you didn’t know he existed before you posted to this thread. To be a comic book fan who buys trades and not having not picked up a single issue of THE ULTIMATES, given how much ‘buzz’ there is when each new issue comes out… well. I’m surprised.

Wrap your head around this: it’s a fun use of characterization that focuses a hell of a whole lot less on the character’s prior comic book history and ethnicity than the fact the character is clearly and obviously based on the look and persona of a bad-ass Samuel L. Jackson in the role as head of an espionage agency. Very little of Kirby or the Steranko influences are in this book – and that’s not meant as an insult, just that the character can be marketed successfully from another viewpoint. It’s a hyperkinetic comic that approximates the look and feel of an action movie (they call these kinds of comics “widescreen comics” these days) and casting “Sam Jackson” in the Fury role to de-emphasize his status as a quasi-James Bond just makes sense.

Obligatory The Onion link.

Well if you like thin, watered down, Dawson Creek influenced comic book heroes then I guess you should go ahead and keep enjoying the ultimate line because that’s what they are. I could care less what you think about my passing judgement on this change in a character’s ethnicity and my being out of touch with comics, but there’s no reason to get pissy just because I have an opinion like every other soul on the planet.

… “pissy”? I was attempting to match the urgency and sublime understatement of “Tell me you’re kidding… fucking tell me this is a joke.”