um, duh!

If you ever go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, ride the roller coaster called Psyclone…In the actual track of the coaster, there is a clearly visible warning: “NOT A STEP”. That’s right, in the actual track where the roller coaster goes…I personally think they should leave the warning off and let natural selection take its course.

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That NOT A STEP would probably just be a warning for when people are climbing on the coaster during maintanence, and/or when it was assembled.

You see the same thing on some places on the wings of aircraft… and I don’t think its to warn passengers who want to go for a stroll during a flight.


On the top of a ladder it’s a moron alert. On an aircraft it’s a “Keep off my damn plane!” sign. Probably a keep off sign on the roller coaster, too. Hey, if a carfull or riders hit a dead body on the rails, someone could get hurt!

On an airplane wing, “Do not step” tells the maintenance guys that stepping in that particular area will screw up the wing.