Um, No MSNBC, we aren't Captivated. You just won't stop covering it.

::rather lame rant::

So I turn on MSNBC to see what’s going on. I like to leave a news channel running in the background when I am doing other things.

And the first thing I hear is (paraphrase)“The American public is captivated with disappearances. Between Natalee Holloway and Patrick Kit McDermott, Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend who disappeared, the public cannot get enough.”

Actually, we can. We did. The issue is you just won’t shut the hell up about these stories.

Stop it already!


:golf clap:

It’s quite true. Oh well, its not like there is anything important gonig on in the world. I mean, if there was a war or genocide or anything bad happening, I’m sure all of their resources would be there.

I’m getting ready to move, and I just stumbled upon an old newspaper from 2000. Oh the days when Elian was the biggest problem in the US.

Bob Costas refused to do Holloway on his guest hosting of the Larry King Show. New York Times story.
But this is why the news covers it:

Depressing, isn’t it?

People are disappearing?

Seriously, I know nothing about the second case. Nor do I care, though of course I hope he turns up okay.

I hate MSNBC. They’re like a fluffy version of CNN, and CNN annoys me as well. I don’t like any of the news channels, actually.

Some people are captivated. As noted, Greta Van Susteren is making a killing by turning her show into “All Natalee, All the Timee.” It doesn’t leave me feeling good about people or the news media.

Yes, it is depressing.

I heard about Bob not doing the show. I was impressed enough to start this thread about it.


The Daily show did a great jab at her for that.


Stephan Colbert: “Including this Mother, constantly scouring the island of Aruba for her missing daughter”

Jon Stewart: “That’s actually Greta Van Sustren. She a reporter”

Colbert: “No. Only a grieving mother would have such a single-minded obsession with Natliee Halloway”

I don’t even feel sorry for the parents any more. It seems obvious they’re milking the talk shows for all they’re worth. I could swear that the family is living in Alan Comb’s Dressing room(what, you think Hannity would share?).

Probably the most depressing line of the article.

Damned if you do…

Amazing the level of coverage the cable news networks give to this bilge.

I just spent a week in Maine vacationing and being unplugged, with no Internet access and almost nothing in the way of media access. Yet, I somehow heard about the continuing “cute missing white girl syndrome.”

Count me among the non-captivated, but unable to avoid.

I started a thread about this a few weeks ago in which I asked, “So what’s the demographic watching this stuff?”

The question was never really answered and I’m not sure anyone even tried to answer it; a number of posters just piled on saying “I don’t watch it! It sucks!” But I am still really curious; someone is watching it. Who?

In honor of your post, I ask myself that question every time it comes on TV.

But I’m pretty sure it’s my relatives. They love Reality Shows, American Idol and that godawful fran dresicher show.

But not just people. Blondes.

Oh, the humanity!

And not just people, WHITE people.

Apparently, non-whites don’t disappear.

Well, their disappearances are less noticeable because they normally blend in with the background.

Unless they smile.


I’m going to Hell for laughing at that one.

My grandpa…he fell asleep in front of the tube again. And my dad, he wandered away from the TV and left it on MSNBC. And Cindy Sheehan is watching the Holloway coverage and Holloway-Twitty is watching the Sheehan coverage. And neither one of those women will ever get over the loss of their children whoring themselves out to the media.

Well, they’re “captivated” in the sense that they’re a “captive audience,” except for, you know, that whole “change the channel” bit…

My captivation is missing, alert the media.

My wife claims the TV news is only watched by, and is therefore aimed at, paranoid, 70-year-old, white folk, which is why it is full of missing white folk, why this medicine will kill you, and why robot attacks* are on the rise. Is there any truth to that characterization of its demographic?

** - No, that would be Happy Fun Ball.

Yesterday I happened to be flipping channels and where I live, CNN, MSNBC and FOX are right next to each other in the chanel lineup. As I flipped through them, all three were talking about the missing white girl in aruba.

I couldn’t help but think something is very wrong with the world.