um... ya wanna shut the door?

Not much of a rant, but…

Look. It’s hot. We’re on the verge of a power emergency. So will you please shut the doors?

My workplace has a problem with one of the air conditioners that makes the others work harder. Blowers are on full power. This causes an overpressure in the buildings. The doors, which are supposed to be locked for security, are not closing. I know that you’re busy or your mind is elsewhere, but does it really not occur to you to check to see that the door is closed? It only takes a couple of seconds.

And Mr./Ms. Security Guard. I know you’re supposed to keep an eye on the gate. But it has the same atmospheric pressure on both sides and is made of bars. It closes itself. Why not stand over by the two exit doors and close them for the the business people. Many of us apparently are not able to do it ourselves, and you still have line of sight and only a short distance to the gate.

And Facilities Manager: Maybe a little sign reminding people to ensure the doors are closed would be a nice thing?

We need to conserve power. Especially large corporations that use a lot of power. It’s for the good of everyone. And it will help EBIT. (I do want to have a bonus next year, and I’ll bet you do as well.)

Sadly, the same people who are unable to remember to close the door are the same ones who are incapable of reading signs posted on said door.

As a former facility manager, I tried this Many Many times. Out of Order; Please use other door; Close door behind you; Do not flush feminine hygiene products down this toilet; Please wipe feet before entering; Please use the ashtrays; Press button to silence alarm and call extension #### immediately; Radiation area - Do Not Enter; Do not adjust this thermostat on penalty of gruesome death.

I had about a 1 in 5 hit ratio. People WILL NOT (or, I suspect, can not) read signs on doors or walls.

What did **YaWanna ** ever do to you?

As this isn’t really Pit material, I am moving it to MPSIMS.

Don’t forget about Depreciation and Amortization. :wink:

This abysmal heat wave in California is bringing out the stupid in our shared-wall neighbors, too. Last summer, I’m guessing at great expense, they installed central air conditioning. However, whenever they run it (which has been a lot lately, as you might guess), they leave a lot of their windows open. I wonder what the electricity company charges to cool off all outdoors?

Sometimes I think it’s actually counterproductive, in that posting a sign gives morons ideas that otherwise wouldn’t occur to them.

If you post a sign that says “no spitting” a certain percentage of people are suddenly going to feel an urgent need to expell some mucus.

The doors all close here, but all the women in the office have 1400W space heaters under their desks, counteracting the (presumably expensive) central air conditioning. Inside I :smack: :rolleyes: , but until sandals + dresses become unfashionable I don’t think it’ll stop.

the office i used to work in was so cold in the summer that i would wear 2 wool sweaters, one over the other, and half mittens, and still be cold if i was sitting still.

the sad thing is, i would be comfortable in short sleeves during the winter. :dubious:

Sounds like your building engineers need to increase the second-stage force on the door closers* - this building is distinctly pressurized at all times to keep all the car exhaust and any casual nerve gas/stink bomb attacks at street level from coming in through the front door or loading dock and we have no trouble with keeping doors closed. The air intakes are at roof level.

  • First stage of a closer quickly takes the door from open to about three inches away from closed. It ends here to avoid slamming. Second stage is the slow but strong push to latch the door.

Weep. I so long for air conditioning…of course it’s only 82 in here right now but it just rained so, everyone together:

Oh, so now it’s my job to conserve energy, eh? How droll. Listen, pal: you use your electricity the way you want to, and I’ll use mine the way I want to, okay?


I automatically read this in the voice of Stewie Griffin.