Umbilical Hernia mesh: risk at high pressure

I have an Umbilical Hernia with an opening of around 10mm (0.4 inch).
The surgeon told me that the procedure of the operation is to inspect during the operation if a mesh is needed, otherwise they just sew it together. My opening size was on the edge between small and large (where a mesh becomes common).

I think the opening is caused to a large extent by heavy weightlifting (i.e. heavy deadlifts). I asked my surgeon if I could lift heavy again with a mesh, he could really answer this question, or he didn’t answer this question on purpose. If I cannot do heavy lifting again I prefer to not take a mesh, as I have no major complications right now.

This has made me worried, I know that several weightlifters/powerlifters/bodybuilders have (had) Umbilical Hernias. So I would expect a surgeon to know about this. Also I couldn’t find any (medical) literature about the risks involved having a mesh and putting high pressure on your core.

Any answers/literature/comments are welcome!

Since this is a real-life medical question, we prefer them to be in IMHO rather than General Questions. That way you can get opinions as well as factual information.

samclem, moderator