Umbrella Academy on Netflix - Spoilers

A few episodes used tracks by him - he performed the version of Happy Together used in one episode off the top of my head.

His other comics work includes the most recent run on Doom Patrol, which is definitely worth reading, now that it’s complete. (Although it must be noted that DP, like UA, is extremely weird - way weirder than the TV series - as is a good chunk of the rest of his comics work.)

I loved the music in this series.

If memory serves, Hargreeves only gave the children numbers, later on the children decided to name themselves. I believe Five had already jumped to the future before the kids named themselves so he missed out on that particular bonding experience.

That’s my understanding also. Five has no name other than “No. 5.”

Then why were their names so multiethnic? Why was the one born in Russia called Vanya? It’s more likely to me that Hargraves, who cared little for such details, just kept whatever names their mothers gave them.

My understanding is that they acquired names as they grew up, and it’s my impression that “mom” might have contributed to that process.

Based on what?

Diego said that “Mom” named them. In the comics, Five had already disappeared before they were given names. However, they used Ben’s name in the bank heist scene when Five was still around, so either there’s another explanation, or (more likely) the writers messed up.

I wasn’t 100% on where the names came from I just remember Hargreeves didn’t give them anything other than a numbered designation. If mom named the kids then that helps explain the multiethnic names and it works better for the storyline.

Or they didn’t get their names all at the same time. That makes sense to me.

I endured through the first three episodes and then just kinda let it drop. Nothing too noteworthy to keep me interested. After 2 or 3 weeks, bored and having nothing else in particular to watch, I started episode 4. And finished the series that same day. For me, it really picked up in 4 and kept going from there. For anyone trying it out and finding it meh, give it a chance through that 4th episode.

All mileages vary, of course.

I agree that it picks up after those first few episodes, when Number Five’s storyline kicks in.

Anyone notice that Agnes’ and Hazel’s B&B getaway appears to be the same exact motel as in Schitt’s Creek?

Maybe someone will write a future crossover episode! :slight_smile:

I just watched this having heard it was decent and knowing that season 2 is being released Friday.

Liked it, very bingable, and I wonder if I am over-sensitive but one bit bothered me - no not the Royal Tannenbaumish incestuous romance - the Handler referencing how in those of the Commission have a saying … and then shares a Yiddish saying about eggs thinking they are smarter than the chicken. Given the anti-Semitic standard tropes it pinged some to have all of humanity being controlled behind the scenes by a secret cabal that has Yiddish sayings, is cheap with benefits to their workers, and is always trying to make deals.