The Umbrella Academy S2

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Get Ready for The Umbrella Academy Season 2! Official Cast Recap (11:00 video)

Season 2 Official Trailer (3:00)

Season 2 Opening Scene (3:00)

We are mere hours away from seeing what comes next!

Cheesy effects, cheesy dialog - I’m in!

I just watched S2E1: Right Back Where We Started From; it was excellent.

So good, in fact, that I’m staying up past my bedtime to watch E2.

I really, really like that I have no idea where the story is going or how it intends to get there.

I like Hazel; he totally fucking rocks.

Klaus was my least favorite character in S1 but I really like him in S2. In fact, re-watching some of S1, once he cleaned up he was actually a pretty cool character. Ben is also very cool and the dynamic between them is interesting as hell.

Luther’s attitude was a surprise but, again, I like it because it gives me no indication of where things are going to go.

Allison’s “adventure” is going to prove a problem, I’m sure.

I like Diego’s new friend more than I like Diego. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanya is boring, but I suppose that’s better than being all apocalyptic.

Five continues to be the crux of the biscuit.

Okay; I’m off to watch E2 and then get some sleep.

I stayed up extra late and watched E3 last night as well. :smiley:

So far still excellent.

Love the Swedes! I confess that I keep waiting for one of them to proclaim that they are nihilists even tho they haven’t spoken yet.

I figured Diego’s new friend had more to her and I got part of it right.

I knew she was displaced in time and purposefully. I just didn’t correctly figure out who did it and why.

So far I think the way they’ve woven the '60s stuff into the plot is great.

Finished episode 3 as well. It’s good so far but time to make something happen.

Did dad actually know that was Diego?

How did Vonya know what her name was? Is she faking amnesia?
Don’t answer here, those are just the questions I have so far, that will hopefully be answered in time.

No; I don’t think he did.

And aye; that bugged me as well about Vonya’s story. I don’t think she’s faking amnesia but it seems inconsistent and unlikely that she would remember her name.

Just to brag… I’m in episode two.

Congratulations! That’s very cool, thwartme!

Binged it. Loved it. IMO it holds up all the way through to the end.

Watching at a more human pace with the wife, now.

Thanks! It was a fun shoot.

E4 was good; a lot happens.

I forgot to ask: in E3 how did Five find Vanya? He just showed up in the flattened cornfield when it was daylight, so obviously Vanya’s powers didn’t wake anyone up for them to come looking to see what went down in the rows. So how did he find her?

The Soundwave detection thingamajig they rigged up in the apartment presumably gave him an approximate location, and then he just searched through the field.

Ah, right! Okay, that makes enough sense; thanks.

I just love the style of this show. It’s perfectly executed: the music, the imagery, the dialogue, the story, the characters, the performances. The actors playing Luther, Diego, Klaus, Number Five, Ben, Vanya, and Lily are absolutely pitch-perfect in their performances. The evocations of past times is perfect.

It compares to Watchmen and The Boys. It has a less serious underlying deconstructive theme than the other two, but it deals seriously with human relationships and the effects of emotional abuse.

It even addresses racial matters, although not as its principal theme, giving it a relevance to our current time.

I’m up to E7 now. E6 was really good but, of course, left me furious with most of them for being so fucking stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now waiting for Five to finally glom onto Reg’s advice.

I love the development between Ben & Klaus.

I like Luther. I like him more and more, and think the actor portraying him deserves a ton of credit for doing such a fantastic job. Even when he’s written as pitiable or lost or insecure or some other not-particularly-attractive quality, I still like Luther. The taking a stand, however brief, was awesomely done.

The actress portraying Allison is another gem; she imparts a lot of emotion and complexity well with her expressions and body language. Allison is constantly humanized, even when she’s just done something unspeakably cruel or horrific.

I was sorry about Elliott. I really liked him.

Anyway, I took a good long nap today and now I’m gonna go finish 7 and see if I feel up to 8, 9 & 10.

Finished the whole thing. Not going to spoil it but it’s as solid as the first season. There are a few twists I saw coming but a whole lot I didn’t, and of course they go right to the very end.

She wasn’t faking. Didn’t Luther call her by name when he first found her? I think that was the point she learned it.

I watched thru E9 last night; I’ll finish it off tonight grand fashion, I’m sure.

Sissie was calling Vanya by name in E1, before there was any contact from any of her siblings. It’s not until E2 that Luther came out to the farm and spoke with her.

I’m not sure of the details, have to go back to check the time line. But I do think Vonya is experiencing a psychological amnesia, not as a result of physical trauma. All of her memories are there but here mind is protecting her from remembering how she destroyed the world. If having an identity in the form of name was beneficial it would have been available to her.

Also wondered if it was Luther who threw something through the open time portal but looking back at s1:e1 I see it was Klaus tossing a fire extinguisher into the portal. Had forgotten that detail.

I finished it. Season 2 is way better than season 1. They have an actual goal, something in particular to accomplish. It’s just better in a lot of ways.

I don’t like much stuff very much. If I say I like something that’s usually a short distance from saying it didn’t suck too bad. I am going to say outright that I liked season 2 a lot. This was an excellent comic book series. The Boys is working out pretty good also, but this is by far the best I’ve seen in this genre, at least in the second season.

I agree that S2 is much, much better than S1 and I liked S1 a whole helluva lot.

One thing about this show that stands out to me, even above The Boys, is that it rewards repeat viewings.

Here’s something that has me a bit confused and concerned:

The scene where Reg confronts his cabal doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, the scene made sense, but the fact that Reg is an alien who doesn’t look at all human doesn’t make sense. Specifically, it doesn’t make sense that his wife, in S1E10, would have been wearing a human costume in her home on her deathbed. I hope they come up with some plausible explanation but it really made me sit up and ask “what’s up with that?”

Oh, and I forget to mention that I loved the use of Pepper by Butthole Surfers in E8. It’s not their best song, nor their most psychedelic, but it is a good song and I recognized it immediately. An excellent use of a Texas band for a psychedelic scene set in Texas, I thought. Even the dubbed-on extended guitar solo worked fine.

Well, we have a fish that was in charge of the commission, Mom appears to have been human, or more human once upon a time, the Handler doesn’t die from getting shot in the head, and the whole gang was born on the same day and has super powers, so there’s a lot ‘splainin’ that remains to be done. I have no knowledge about this universe outside this series on TV, but I’m not surprised Dad isn’t human. But it seems Dad did not want the future the kids were born into, he didn’t want Kennedy killed, and they didn’t get back to the future they left in the end, so this is gonna get very complex before it’s over.