The Umbrella Academy S2

With no other explanation I’m satisfied to believe that it’s a depiction of the story for our benefit, not an attempt to literally portray things exactly how they “really” looked. After all none of this really happened. The stylized visuals, soft focus, etc all , all lends an air to legend. After all, would one question whether earth like violin music was actually playing when she died?

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I have no knowledge about this universe outside this series on TV, but I’m not surprised Dad isn’t human. But it seems Dad did not want the future the kids were born into, he didn’t want Kennedy killed, and they didn’t get back to the future they left in the end, so this is gonna get very complex before it’s over.

I have no knowledge of this universe outside the series as well, and I’m not surprised that Reg is an alien; I’m surprised that he is an alien that is so significantly non-human that he requires a costume disguise. I was more prepared for the “his organs aren’t in the right place and he has 3 stomachs” kind of thing.

I thought of that too, Ascenray and I agree that it is the most likely way that laziness would try to spin it: a depiction totally for our benefit. I mean, that makes no sense at all as far as the rest of the show not ever showing us things as we’d like them to appear or for our comfort or anything, but yeah, I can see where laziness would go to that explanation rather than just admit “yeah, we kind of fucked that up. I guess we weren’t paying attention and later we just hoped no one would call us out on it.”

Yeah, I don’t see this kind of thing as “laziness.” It was not necessary to the story to show us that, so so it didn’t show us that. Think about if this story was being told orally, which is what stories have been for the majority of human existence. You don’t get revealed a fact until it’s necessary. This is the same thing in visual form.

It’s the same thing in shows that are in English where the characters couldn’t possibly have been speaking English. Not everything on the screen is to be taken as literal truth.

This is better than season one, and I really liked season 1. I love how we got a realistic path towards the doomsday scenario we got in the first five minutes.

I just finished watching E10.


And I’ll say it again: wow.

I love everything about this show but Aidan Gallagher is just an amazing talent. And I hate the overuse of the word “amazing”. He is really something. He’s just a kid FFS! A year older than my son. I thought maybe he was older and just acted/looked young.

Aye; he’s amazing. Not only does he have the most complex and interesting character, he’s pulling it off better than anyone else onscreen.

Holy shit! I thought he was one of those adults that looks like a teenager but nope - he’s actually 16. Wow. Helluva talent, particularly given that he’s the linchpin of the show thus far.

Some early speculation and questions on what comes next:

Ben is alive. But is this the same Ben and the version that went to the afterlife was erased, or an alternate version? And if it’s an alternate (as seems most likely), are there alternate versions of the rest of them?

There are umpteen things they did in 1963 that could have changed the timeline, most notably telling Reg what happened. That said, I keep wondering how significant it was that Dave enlisted earlier than he originally had.

I’m also wondering what the status of the Commission is under Herb. They just lost a LOT of agents (sidenote: were the agents wearing weird masks or did they have actual animal-head-people working for them?) - that’s going to affect their ability to do anything. OTOH they’re outside time (of sorts) so I suppose they can refill those numbers and still bop around time.

Also, I’m assuming that Lila hasn’t gone back to work for them. I’m thinking ‘freelance time assassin’?

And then there’s Harlan. What are the odds Harlan became a supervillain?

And some favorite quirky moments:

  • Ben shafting Klaus during the poker game
  • the phone call to Olga
  • Jill’s response to “I’m a virgin”

I totally agree about Aidan Gallagher. Truly amazing actor.

I think I liked Season 2 better than Season 1. If for no other reason than Season 1 is difficult to watch a second time knowing all the horrific abuse that Vanya (and many other characters) are subjected to. I really didn’t like seeing Vanya as being so consumed by her pain that she can’t stop destroying the world.

I think:

That’s an alternate Ben. Yes, there are alternates of the others; you can see them silhouetted on the balcony behind Ben.

My take:

First, lemme just say that I love Herb. Dot is pretty cool too, but Herb is Da Man.

Everyone that I saw looked like they had an animal costume head on. And, btw, I freaking love how surreal that looks: the animal costume head with a suit-wearing body. It’s like having a mafia made up of nothing but Donnie Darkos.


I definitely think we’ll see Lila again fairly soon. I liked her character and I thought the actress portraying her did a mostly-excellent job. I was really looking forward to her being a part of their family, actually.

I also think we’ll somehow see The Handler again.

And I agree that it’s a certainty that we’ll see Harlan again, perhaps, as you say, in a kind of Looper storyline.

And yeah, the phone call to Olga was hilarious, IMO mostly because of how inept both Luther and Diego were.


We’ve all been great about spoiling our spoilers but I don’t think we need to do it forever. What say we all agree to continue until 10 August?

That would give us continuing fans time to watch one new episode per day to complete the season before open spoilers were posted and give new fans plenty of content to read here before they encountered any open spoilers that might ruin key moments for them, IMO.

Aye, for many, many reasons S2 was bigly better than S1. Folks on IMDB agree as well: this went from like 7/10 rating for S1 to close to 9/10 for S2.

Speaking of Harlan…

Would you describe his toy bird as a “sparrow”?


What was with the suicide warnings before every episode anyway?

Ben committed suicide as a teen-ager, right? That’s why he’s a ghost who can be seen only by Klaus.

Ben died on a mission. Reg’s “eulogy” was him excoriating the others, blaming them for Ben’s death.

Hm. Why did I think he had committed suicide?

I was unsure of the series after Season 1, but holy crap was Season 2 good. It was non-stop twists and weirdness and a very enjoyable romp through time. It was like Sliders, but with dead guys with their entrails hanging out.

I wonder how screwed up the timeline is now and how they can fix it.

My wife and I agree with you. He’s fantastic in this. Very believable that he’s a caustic, sociopathic adult stuck in a 16 year old body. At the other end of the spectrum, while not terrible, Luther, Allison and Vanya are not making the most of their screen time.

And I really loved Ben’s story. Probably the most touching part of the season.

I really liked it, but I do have a question, that hopefully will be answered in future seasons:

Does Lila have all the powers or does she mimic whoever she’s fighting? And if she’s a mimic, how come she can use the powers so well. It was stated the Vanya didn’t use her power enough to be able to control it well, yet Lila was better with Vanya’s ability than Vanya. Is she just better at using powers?

As far as we know right now, Paintcharge,

Lila is a “mirror” but can only do one thing at a time. Kinda like a psychic Crusher Creel, is how I’m picturing it.

I wondered how she was able to use all their powers so well too; I doubt we’ll ever see that addressed beyond “that’s just what she does” but I’d be interested in seeing them try and spin their way to a plausible explanation.