Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 - discussion(open spoilers)

I am actually watching it tonight, but Dirk Gently came back last year. This surprised me last year by being the best new show on TV. My mind is still blown by how great it was.

This year, I’m watching it as airs instead of recording it and watching later.

Did anyone already watch last night’s episode?

It was excellent and has me excited for this season.

I am looking forward to a very strange, confusing ride. Until the final episode where it all (somehow) gets all wrapped up with a nice bow.

It was certainly different, which I’ll take.

So…there is a fantasy-realm world in another dimension? Did our holistic assassin get sent there?

I’m so glad it’s back! I love everything about this show - the plot, the production, the actors.

Feel sorry for Dirk and Ken. Hope they get rescued soon.

Loved the police officer. And his name is Sherlock Hobbs! Heh.

I don’t think so. It looked like she was just knocked back.

What we know:
[li]The Mage is conquering fantasy scissor land.[/li][li]Mr. Mage is running some sort of protection racket.[/li][li]The Shapeshifter wants Dirk to save The Boy.[/li][/ul]
I’m sure there’s more.

Seems likely that the fantasy realm is being concocted by Dirk’s friend in the coma. Do we know how young he was when he entered the coma?

Was that a princess costume Bart was wearing? I’m thinking of the scene in the last series when she was watching TV in the hotel with with Ken and there was an advert with princesses that she got briefly fascinated with.
Bart is awesome.
And Fiona Dourif is drop dead gorgeous.
And she is in Cult of Chucky with her dad! (well, his voice).

I loved the scissor-swords - what a perfect way to instill the fantasy world with a sense of other-ness and whimsy. I knew something odd would finally happen to Todd and Farah, it was just a matter of when and where. I like the Suzie character, no idea yet what her character arc is going to be like. Bart’s entrance was spectacular. I’d still love to see what happened at the end of last season, obviously Ken was captured and Bart escaped unharmed, but (more) unhinged. And three of the Rowdy 3 were captured with one escaping with Amanda.

At first I wanted them to drop the Friedkin character, but now I love his screen time. Zapping Ken by accident when he got excited was perfect. The woman who put him in charge must have known he was a moron and is using him for some other reason. I hope they return to that storyline a bit.

John Hannah is great, such a change from his role in Agents of SHIELD last season. Can’t wait for Alan Tyduk’s Mr. Priest to show up, another great cast addition.

So much happened in the episode, I think I’ll rewatch it before the next episode.

Hey look! it’s that black guy who is in absolutely every single show ever!

My wife and I have watched Roger Cross since First Wave(1998). He is one of the busiest TV actors out there, but he was even in War For the Planet of the Apes, which we just saw last weekend.

This guy, he must work 350+ days a year. I would not be surprised if he earns more per year than some movie actors.

He’s super reliable, I guess.

Six from Dark Matter?

And about 20 other shows I watch.

I liked this season-opener more than I liked all of Season One. I’m just not a fan of the genre ‘joyless stick-in-the-mud meets quirky misfit, who upends his life with whimsy and wonder’—and that’s what Season One was.

Now the upending has already taken place, and we can get on with the story.

He’s from Vancouver, where lots of shows and movies are filmed. Part of the deal the studios have with the Canadian government that lets them film there is that some percent of the roles need to be filed with Canadian actors. Mostly those are the bit parts, but if an actor does a good job, they’re going to keep getting called up and get better roles since they help fulfill the requirement.

Matt Frewer is pretty much the canonical example of this.

Yeah, here’s his IMDB list for 2017;

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (TV Series)

  • Space Rabbit (2017)

2015-2017 Dark Matter (TV Series)

  • Nowhere to Go (2017) … Six
  • My Final Gift to You (2017) … Six
  • The Dwarf Star Conspiracy (2017) … Six
  • Built, Not Born (2017) … Six
  • Isn’t That a Paradox? (2017) … Six
    Show all 39 episodes

2017 War for the Planet of the Apes

2017 Doubt (TV Series)
Eric Taylor

  • Finally (2017) … Eric Taylor

2017 iZombie (TV Series)
Coleman Baker

  • Dirt Nap Time (2017) … Coleman Baker

2017 Justice League Dark (Video)
Alec Holland / Swamp Thing / John Stewart / … (voice, as Roger R. Cross)

I finally watched it last night. I’m coming off of a rewatch of the entire Twin Peaks series including Fire Walk with Me so I definitely needed something frivolous and funny.

Thoughts from this episode:
[ul]The magic kingdom people are officially known as Pink Boy and the Scissor Sisters. At least in my house, anyway.[/ul]
[ul]The corgi’s back! I love how it was just as scruffy as Ken.[/ul]
[ul]Is the guy in the coma Odin from The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul?[/ul]
[ul]I’m genuinely concerned about Todd’s grip on sanity.[/ul]
[ul]I can’t wait to see how all the little details like Bart’s princess dress all tie together at the end.[/ul]

Ooh - I hadn’t thought of that.

Me neither, and Dirk mentioned Odin in the episode.