Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 2 - discussion(open spoilers)

Didn’t Dirk say that The Old Man would mostly just lay in bed?

Speaking of princesses, here’s the full commercial that Bart sees at the end of season one. It’s worth a look.

Other things: the scene where we meet new character Suzie (Season 2, Ep 1, right after the first commercial break) is a virtual beat-by-beat recreation of the scene in which we met Todd in season one (Season 1, Ep 1, right after the opening credits):

Season 1: Todd is awakened by the sound of someone damaging his car. He confronts the guy (his landlord), who is repeatedly yelling “Where’s my money?” At one point, the guy screams “ARE YOU A HISTORIAN?” After the guy storms off, Todd realizes he’s locked out; he has to climb the fire escape ladder to get back in.

Season 2: Suzie is awakened by the sound of someone damaging her car. She confronts the guy (her son), who is repeatedly yelling “Where are my tickets?” At one point, he screams “ARE YOU A NUTRITIONIST?” After he storms off, Suzie is locked out; she has to climb a ladder to get back in.

So I’m not sure what the significance of that could be, but it’s obviously deliberate.

Finally, regarding the name of the boat: Infant, Male, Pollock, Francis. It sounded to me almost like a medical record, in which case the name might be last name first. Googling “Francis Pollock” gets you Francis Pollock, an early Canadian science fiction writer with an enthusiasm for beekeeping.

What, if anything, might that mean? No idea. But it’s kind of fun!

So what do we know? In 1967, an electrical pulse hit Bergsberg. Days earlier, Hector and Marina Cardenas disappeared. A body with Marina’s ID died of blunt force trauma while driving a new car, which ended up in a tree. We suspect that Hector is the man dead inside a tree.

There’s no record of the Cardenas’s having a child, but their house has measurements indicating a growing child. The measurements aren’t written in regular numbers, so it’s possible that the parents weren’t really Hector and Marina.

According to Hobbs, the boat (“The Infant, Male, Pollock, Francis”) appeared ten years before the pulse. So the Cardenas’s child could have arrived on the boat.

The Mage is interested in the Cardenas’s house. He’s involved in some crime that involved Suzie’s employer and he’s trying to destroy the folks in fantasyland.

Here’s my theory: the Mage’s parents were exiled from fantasyland and ended up in Bergsberg. The parents killed and impersonated the Cardenases and raised the Mage. When he was ten, the Mage’s powers developed. He caused the electrical pulse in 1967 and traveled to fantasyland. Now he can travel between the house and fantasyland whenever he wants.

Why did the government fence off the Cardenas’s house? I think Mona is involved. She used water to make Dirk appear in the trunk of the car. When Dirk vanished, he left a wet circle similar to the ones around the Cardenas’s house.

Any thoughts?

Awesome! Thanks for that!

So they had the second season already planned out?

100% free of thing!

Did anyone else get the impression that Dirk was talking to someone during the tree-man autopsy?

On a related note: Is there anything Farah can’t do?

Deputy Tina is my new favorite character, although Bart’s “There’s more than one Ken?!” line was priceless.

I had the feeling that Susie was a bad person. Did her car accident while driving the car pool kill anyone?


OK, caught up on the last two episodes after a trip overseas. We’re beginning to see more of Windamear and I love that the 3 are back together. Friedkin’s gonna flip out when he finds out that they’ve disappeared.

Panto is working his charms on Bart, and I hope he’s on the up and up but I have a nagging feeling that’s he’s up to something. Why did they lock him back up when he’s done nothing but help them?

I had high hopes for John Hannah but he’s not being used much in these last two episodes. Same with Alan Tudyk, but when he’s been on screen he’s been great.

Tina still has the best one liners, and everyone seems like Hobbs. I feel about the same with the first season, it’s half way through and I have vague ideas about what is happening but am fully invested in the characters.

When does Calvin show up though?

“They found a dead body in a tree and they’re letting us poke it!” is the greatest line of dialogue ever written.

Well, good lord. There’s another Dirk Gently adaptation? I saw the British one with Stephen Mangan and - having utterly loved the books - absolutely hated it. Very dumbed down, Dirk was a one-dimensional, selfish charlatan, and…well, I try to let these things stand alone and not judge them in terms of the books, but I couldn’t help myself.

So, I’ve therefore avoided paying any attention to any other mention of its being televised. Until now.

Any good?

Very good.

It’s not everyone’s impression of Dirk Gently from the books, but IMO it shares enough from the books that it works for me. Keep in mind this isn’t an adaptation of the books; they’re entirely new stories with entirely new characters except for Dirk.

It’s must see TV for me.

It’s excellent and was the best new show on TV in 2016-17 season.

I have not, however, read the books.

It is confusing, chaotic and quite holistic. In other words, its awesome!

I saw the Brit one also, I couldn’t find any enjoyment in it. A big disappointment. Considering I’m one of the few that love the Radio, TV & Movie version of Hitchhikers, I probably wasn’t going to be very harsh rating it.

Never read the books but this is one the best shows currently on TV.

Sounds intriguing! And I love the original Radio series of Hitchhiker too. The latter ones not quite so much yet - though I’m sure I’ll grow to eventually - but the two that kicked the whole thing off and gave rise to the books: brilliant. I’m not totally familiar with the TV show - I’ve seen it but not that often - and the film wasn’t as bad as everyone seemed to think…though that’s probably as far as I’ll go with that!

That’s fair enough. I’d quite like to see a faithful adaptation of the books at some point - though the scope of it would have to be truly massive - but in lieu of that, I’d much rather have a good set of new stories than a lazy attempt at telling the original ones.

That said, if the character isn’t really like Dirk from the books, and the stories aren’t the same…I’m given to wondering why the name’s being used at all!

Todd is a lot like Arthur Dent, at least in the first season. He’s the kind of guy to which things happen. Dirk also strikes me as an Adamsian character in his zaniness but I can’t really articulate why.

The character is Dirk, just not everyone’s image of Dirk. And the world is Dirk’s world. IMO, it works just fine with the books. There aren’t many characters in common between the two books, so why not introduce entirely new cases and characters in this medium?

I get that, and I’m intrigued to see it now. Certainly the idea of having new stories makes sense, and the character need not be a carbon copy to still be the character…but I’m curious how far from the literary Dirk you could get before I don’t recognise anything beyond the name. There’s more to a character than a flappy leather coat and a hat that looks like a lampshade though: if it feels like it’s Dirk, then it’s Dirk.

Like I say, intrigued!