Umm, wait... what? Caddy shack is how old?

The movie Caddyshack is old. How old?

I just found out, randomly, that Caddyshack was released before Porky’s. Mind blown.

I’m over 50. I tried to sneak in to Caddyshack because I wasn’t old enough to buy a ticket for it.

40 years ago. When I was a kid in the 60s a 40 year old movie wasn’t a talkie.

Seriously? Mind blown, indeed. Based on where we were living when I saw it, it was probably 86 or 87, and I thought it was newish (as new as theatrically released movies shown on TV ever are).

I’m 54 and definitely saw it in the theater. Was it rated R? I was just thinking the other day about movies I saw when I was a kid that must have been rated R, yet I saw them without parental guidance. Maybe the rules in your town were stricter(?)

I remember seeing a trailer for “Caddyshack” when I saw “Animal House” in the theater. Which would have been '79 or '80? So yeah, that sounds about right.

Young girl ,Sarah Holcomb, who was in Animal House (mayor’s daughter) and Caddyshack (waitress at country club) never made another movie. The story is she got hooked on drugs and decided the best way to stay clean was to leave the movie industry .

Is 1980 supposed to be a long time ago?

I was 3 years old in 1980. I remember almost the entire 1980s quite vividly, and I admit even to me it doesn’t feel like that long ago but still, 40 years is a relatively long time, if measuring in units of human lifetimes.

<1 human lifetime doesn’t seem like much of a unit.

For dinosaur stuff, probably not. Age of sequoias, nope. Contemporary American comedy movies? Yes, that’s a while.

And don’t dismiss human lifetimes as a yardstick of ‘a long time’ technology-wise. My grandfather was born before the first passenger air flight. Before he died he flew from Texas to visit me in California in 3 hours.

I wasn’t dismissing a human lifetime as a yardstick, I was venerating it. The American Revolution seems an impossibly long time ago, right? Yet we have photographs of revolutionary war veterans.

1980 doesn’t seem that impossibly long to me on that scale; it’s quite recent. I voted in the 1980 elections.

Sadly, from her Wikipedia article:

but good for her in getting out of the industry.

I saw it the year I graduated from college. I was dating a Catholic girl at the time, and felt bad for her because of some of the digs about her faith from the Lutheran bishop. The Lutheran versus Catholic animosity was something I was very aware of at the time.