UN appoints Iran to major arms-control treaty

If you ever needed proof that the UN is nothing more than empty political theater, here it is.
Seriously? Iran? The country that backed Shiite militias throughout the Iraq War, and is currently selling arms to Syria for the express purpose of slaughtering dissidents? Of course, when you consider the near-comical list of countries that have sat on the human rights council, perhaps it’s no surprise.

…political theatre? What a load of rubbish. Here is a link to the wiki page on the UN: how much of what they do is political theatre? The world is a better place with the UN in it than without.

By that standard they shouldn’t allow America involvement with anything similar either.


Such an eloquent refutation.

Thanks. I like it. It’s concise, and says all that needs to be said in response to a comment like that.

Except of course it doesn’t. America has supplied arms to all sorts of unpleasant people, including terrorists and Iranians; if they shouldn’t be allowed such a position because of what they do, then neither should we. “It’s different when we do it” isn’t much of an argument. All you are doing is trying to avoid addressing that obvious point.