UN eyes tax on football tickets for humanitarian aid

What do you think of an “entertainment” tax administered by the UN to pay for humanitarian aid?


Lead balloon. At least in the states.

First off, the UN can’t tax anything. Yes, they’re asking for a voluntary tax adoption by member states on certain entertainment options, but it’s not the UN itself doing the taxing.

The US is tax-phobic and UN-phobic enough that any attempt by congress to impose such a tax wouldn’t pass the giggle - or even the snort derisively - test.

The only way I could see it occurring here is if the UN asked sports teams to include a surcharge on their tickets that could be earmarked for such humanitarian efforts and which the teams could then write off as charitable contributions.

I think they’re talking about “football” as in soccer, not American football. They’re also looking to try to tap into the Muslim zakat, or mandatory almsgiving.

Basically, the UN is looking to sponge up money wherever and however they can. Maybe if they stopped diverting so much money into their various hookers & blow accounts, they’d have more left over to feed the starving war refugees.

And considering FIFA’s level of corruption, they could easily make an institutional donation that would make a serious difference in the humanitarian aid budget without losing any of their above-the-table budget.