Once, many years ago, I learned the word that describes words that have other words inserted inside them, a la “Abso-frigging-lutely.” It seems that it also applied to exclamations out of place in a phrase, as in “animal friggin’ cookies.”

Anyone know what they’re called?

Paul Dickson in his book entitled “Words” calls them “sandwich words.” It is in Chapter 49, entitled “Word Words.”

From www.csi.uottawa.ca/~kbarker/ling-devices.html

Gilligan…neat! What other forms of tmesis are there? (I can’t believe I typed that right the first time!)

The generic term for something like this is an infix, a la prefix and suffix. Some languages use them regularly.

Thanks, G!

From that Web site, though, it looks like the word I want is just tmesis, and that dystmesis is reserved for those situations where the infixed word is in an unlikely place. The examples given are:

tmesis: unfreakingbelievable
dystmesis: unbefreakinglievable

What exactly “unlikely” means in this context is presumably up to the perceiver…

ok, then what is RI-goddamn-DICULOUS

what the hell is that then, My friend useses that word all the time. what is the name for that useage of a “Sanwich name”?

I think “Roylee w/ cheese”


This explains who Cinderfuckinrella is!?