Un-fun Purchases of 2018

Today I had to go in and order a replacement key from the dealer for my '04. It might address a few electronic issues the car is having (i.e. auto door locks – batteries weren’t replaceable in these fobs) but it’s pretty much a $250 “no fun” necessity. I can live with certain stuff not being automated, but the bad key may be affecting the ignition function.

Another no fun purchase this year was a $600 gas line replacement for the fireplace, though the heat is nice. However, my BFF may have made the least fun money layout of the year: $8,600 to have garage concrete removed, a leaking water pipe replaced, then cemented over. Ugh.

What have your Year of Our Lord 2018 “not fun” car/house/etc expenses been?

The freaking $500 water bill due to a leaking sprinkler pipe…

Oops, forgot about Bax Dog’s $3500 ACL repair. I’m glad he’s not in pain, but now he’s occasionally favoring the other knee. Oy vey, I’m seeing another surgery looming.

WOW! How long was it leaking?

If it makes you feel better, my neighbor (for whom the house is an occasional weekend place) had a leak that flooded the house undiscovered for several weeks, causing $30,000 of damage.

To make things worse, he didn’t know that our water company has remote meter monitoring, so you can see your meter reading daily online, and get an email sent to you if unusual persistent water usage (i.e. a probable leak) is detected.

Couple of days ago I had a plumber come out and fix three leaky faucets. $405.

No, I will not do it myself. The last time I did it myself the old pipes crumbled and I had to call a plumber anyway.

Plumbing repair involving anything beyond washer replacement I just don’t/can’t do. Our outdoor faucet leak was $400 for replacement parts, dunno if we were ripped off or not.

Although my neighbor’s flood was actually caused by an error from a professional plumber…
but last I heard they had accepted the proof of cause, and the plumber’s liability insurance is paying up.

Someone left a utility knife blade on a street. My right rear tire grabbed it in just the right way for it to destroy the tread. $300.

Short term disability insurance carrier decided that, since I started getting Social Security payments last year they had overpaid me and they had to be repaid. $2,950.

My fault for sure, because I honestly forgot to report a nice pension payout on my 2016 taxes. The IRS caught it, of course, and sent me a bill on which they neglected to mention the $7,600 that was withheld from the lump sum. Original bill: $11,000, including a penalty of $560. The “nice” IRS guy I talked with told me how to drop the $11K cost to $2,500 or so. (This is in fact a plus, but…)

I’m on Medicare Part A and Part B. Well, I suppose so, except I haven’t seen a doctor in more than a year and have no interest in seeing one. Part B premium is supposed to be about $150/month. But someone decided I made “too much money” during my last full year of work (2016), so the premium was reset to about $450/month.

And there’s still 72 days to go before 2018 is over. The beat goes on.

Probably two weeks.
It was a supply line to the irrigation system, and probably leaked at least the amount of water we normally use in a month. It more than doubled my bill. Out here, water and sewer are tied together, so using a lot of water gets expensive fast. I discovered it when I noticed that there was a very green spot in the front yard.

My mom has been pestering me to get railings on my front steps for over 10 years. I had a little extra money this year so I finally did it. But first I needed my front steps rebuilt as they were too crumbly to properly support the railings. And while I was doing that I needed to fix a slab of patio that was sinking and tilted towards my foundation.

$2300 later I’ve got railings, new steps and a level patio. Zzzzz…

Basing your sewer cost on your water usage is fairly common in most municipalities. If you can prove your water usage was excessively high because of a leak, for example, the invoice from the plumber who fixed the problem, they will often give some relief on the excess sewage costs. It’s worth a shot.

And people ask me why I rent.

Our un-fun purchase was last week. Our hot water heater, which was warranteed for ten years, decided to blow after only eight. We got some money back on its replacement, but it still flooded our basement.

Fortunately, I was in the midst of cleaning it out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t finished, and a lot of things got soaked and tossed out.


The biggest ones so far this year are the $3500 for my kitty with a perforated cornea and $2000 for my dental implant. More to come on that last one - the dentist found some decay under the neighboring crown. Yay.

Car radiator.
A refrigerator.
Vet bills, culminating in the bill to put my older dog down.
Tires for my son’s car.
X-rays, doctor visits and physical therapy visits to deal with a persistent frozen shoulder. Even with insurance, I’ll bet I paid a thousand out of pocket.

It has been a real peach of a year.

A new washing machine, again. Mr.Wrekker said I am going through about 1 every 2 years. I am allergic to any thing that plugs up. I am not allowed to touch the PC, only my ipad, and laptop are safe from my curse. The TV and me are enemies. I am due for a broken one.
ETA…no deer vs. car this year, so far. Deer season opened today, ugh!

ACE Hardware does those same car keys for a little over $100, they just might have to order it if they don’t have it in stock.
Mine is sprinkler repair. Had saved to fix long standing damage to my car but to save my trees, lawn and gardens it went there instead.

They don’t do BMW keys that program correctly for old cars, I’ve tried that route with another car. At least the dealership gives “free”(lol) programming via one of their tech guys.

Key don’t work for car? Time for a new car.

(I’m kidding)