Unable to use Help in MS Office 2007

I am messing around in Excel on a database, and couldn’t remember how to do something easily so I hit the help button. I get a notice that it is downloading “transition.htm” to my computer, which opens up a new tab with a broken image on it. By telling the Help window to stay offline, I can get the top level stuff in the main window, but the left side links are useless. And when I use the links in the main window, it just downloads an unformated page which I can’t get off of, because all the links on it are to places on my computer that don’t exist. In Word, I can’t even get the main Help window to show anything.

Is there anyway to actually get a help function that works in Office 2007?

Is IE your default browser? If not try that; if so try clearing the cache and resetting all security zones to default level.

Try turning off your anti-virus.

In Excel, click the Office button, go to Excel Options, and Diagnose.

IE wasn’t my default. Switched to it and things started working correctly. Stupid MS. :frowning: Now I just need to remember to make IE my default browser if I want to use Help functions. Really stupid MS.

Thanks for the help.