Unbearable sciatic pain, help!

I herniated my L4 four times and recovered without surgery every time. Prednisone (it really does work, @mistymage, your doc gave you the “good stuff”) and PT.

PT place called and I get to go get “tortured” on Friday! The lady who called me said she thought my name was familiar. When I said “Frozen shoulder” she instantly remembered me :smiley:

Last night/early this morning I was awake in bed so I did a few different stretches and felt my back “pop”. The pain in my buttocks is minimal… the thigh to ankle are still screaming if I walk too much. Too much being variable and relies on if I overdid it 10 minutes ago or 30 minutes ago.

Thanks for all of the encouragement!

Re: TENS units. I got an over the counter one from a drug store. It did help. So i turned it up. It helped a little more. So i turned it up more.

TL/DR. I got a scarred butt and left leg

So be careful with those things.