Unbreakable=Sophomore Slump

Got to catch a sneak preview of this movie last night, and I have to warn people to not go watch this movie. I went last night expecting another “Sixth Sense”, boy was I fooled.

Can anyone else who caught this movie, back me up on this?

I have not seen this movie. I have seen the trailers though. I’m not all that sure what it is about but this is my summary:

Guy finds out he can’t die/get sick/etc.
Guy gets freaked out by this.
Guy finds out there is some mysterious reason for this/destiny he must fulfill/quest he must go on (or something because of this).

I think if I found out I was “Unbreakable” I’d be psyched. I’d be skydiving without a parachute and other equally deadly but thrilling things.

Of course, I probably have the movie all wrong.

I saw it today and I thought it was unbelievable. It blows the Sixth Sense out of the water. Stunning performances by Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. Wonderful script and outstanding directing by M. Night. Run, do not walk, run to see this movie.

If you like comic books, you will LOVE this movie. If you love comic books, get ready to have a new favorite movie.

Haven’t seen it but what I’ve read indicates that it is a good to great with movie with a disappointing to horrible last 90 seconds.

But regardless, M. Shyamalan earned a free pass with The Sixth Sense and I will be there for Unbreakable tonight. If it isn’t good then I’ll show more reticence next time.

And this is his fourth movie so I don’t know that you could call it a sophomore slump.

Well, I haven’t seen it yet (heck, with four kids, the last movie I saw in the theatre was The Pokemon Movie) but I did hear a review on NPR this afternoon which began “I see dull people…”

To be fair, the review ultimately decided it was not horrible, just more of the same.

I just got back from seeing it. I felt the acting wasn’t quite as strong in this movie as in The Sixth Sense, mostly because the bond between the Willis and Osment in TSS was so good compared to what I expected. I felt Unbreakable was a movie that played on a lot of the same emotions and thoughts that TSS.

The camera angles/styles and cinematography in Unbreakable were very interesting and even more experimental than those in TSS.

I didn’t feel the ending was bad. It didn’t “close” the movie up the way the ending from TSS did, but it was still interesting.

I agree with Twin in saying that you should see this movie if you liked The Sixth Sense. It’s worth the money to at least not have the ending ruined.

Just got back from seeing it.

Overall I liked it, definitely not as powerful as Sixth Sense but it certainly worked for me. It is nice to see a director willing to take his time without wasting mine.

I will say that I don’t really consider the ending a “surprise ending,” as it is being referred to in many of the reviews I’ve read. I thought it was a pretty logical culmination of event.


The typed conclusion to the movie sucked. They should have just stopped with Bruce Willis walking out of the gallery. Then we could have imagined them indeed becoming arch-enemies. But that is a minor misstep.

Ok…i just saw it…and loved, a wonderfull mix of everythin, very well rounded movie, and IMHO…much better then the Sixth Sense. The cinematography was fantastic…and here is a fun fact…the indian guy that Willis stops at the stadium for he thought he had drugs on him…is the director of the movie.

The conclusion at the very end I think wanted to give a blair witch esque type ending and completely failed. All in all a good movie, it included a bit of actual character development.

yeah…the ending was kinda…blah

I’d agree that the ending could have been a little better, but it was a misstep, not a problem with the story.

To be honest, I loved it. Mrs. Rickjay was not so enthusiastic.

If M. Night Shyamalan can avoid becoming too obsessed with himself doing everything, he’ll be one of the greatest directors that ever lived. Watching “Unbreakable”, watching the cinematography, the mise en scene, all perfect to the last detail… I was watching a master at work.

I didn’t think it was as good as “The Sixth Sense,” but not being as good as the hands-down best movie of 1999 is hardly an insult.

Thanks. My friends didn’t believe me when I told them that.

Spoiler warning

So how did the train derailing happen? I mean, it showed that Sam tampered with something in the train but it wasn’t clear whether the train derailed due to the train not being able to slow down or if it continued to speed up until it just derailed from going too fast.

I’m not really into comic books, but that didn’t keep me from loving this movie.

I just got home from having seen this movie, and I thought it was incredible. The ending, although not as huge of a shocker as the twist in The Sixth Sense, did surprise me, and when I thought about, did make logical sense.

There was nothing about this movie that I was disappointed by. Make haste to see this flick!

I totally agree. I loved the movie and I loved the twist but, man, the words on the screen was a BAD idea. It left me with a dissapointed taste in my mouth. So much for the sequel.

I saw “Unbreakable” about 4 hours ago, and I’m still a little confused. But it was a pretty good movie, though. If you liked The Sixth Sense, then you’ll probably like this movie. Both of them have a dark, somber mood and a surprising, though very confusing ending.

I saw this yesterday and liked it for the most part, but like some others, I thought the ending was lame. I thought Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis were both good. And this bolsters the theory that, with few exceptions (most notably the Sixth Sense), Bruce Willis movies in which he has a shaved head are better than those where he he doesn’t - Twelve Monkeys, Pulp Fiction, Unbreakable.

I guess I’m the only person who thought the movie sucked rotten eggs. The dialogue was just so cheesy that several times I found myself laughing at things that weren’t supposed to be funny.

Another spoiler…
and when Willis’ character slid the newspaper across the table toward his son and then nodded as if to say “yep, that was me,” I lost it completely (and I wasn’t the only one). Half of the people theatre started laughing. I just had this mental picture of Bruce Willis in a cape with his hands on his hips yelling “I AM SECURITY MAN!” I started laughing so hard, I stumbled out of my seat and practically crawled to the exit where I could laugh without disturbing the rest of the audience. I came back in time to see the movie of the week ending.

My wife and I were really enjoying this movie all the way up to the last minute. We walked out of the theater very puzzled and I felt kinda ripped off.
I agree with Grace that there were some moments that I was laughing when I think the intention was more drama and not comedy, but I’m still not sure what the director wanted from the audience.
FWIW, really cool camera angles, Bruce Willis at his moody, depressed best, and funny weight lifting moments.

There were definitely some laughs in the movie; this scene was intended to be funny, as far as I can tell. Even the…
spoiler coming

…scene where the son threatens to shoot his father elicited audience laughter. This only tells me that it was an excellent scene, going for laughs during the few moments of the movie that had the most tension.