Uncle Buck Mailslot Eyeballs?

In the movie “Uncle Buck”, Buck’s girlfriend (Amy Madigan)is suckered into babysitting for Buck’s nephew
(Macauley Culkin).
She Knocks on the door. No one answers, so she tries looking through the window. At that moment, Mac opens the mailslot to peer out the door. Seeing nothing, the slot flaps shut just as Amy steps back to the door. She knocks again, and again peers through the window, when she notices the flap open and shut.
Getting wise, she knocks on the door a third time. When Mack opens the mailslot, he sees THREE pairs of eyes staring back! Who the hell are these other two people?

His imagination, dude. He’s afraid because he and his sister are (wait for it) home alone, and he’s imagining that there are three mean guys out there trying to get in.


That part always bugged me too, coming from out of nowhere. FWIW, my parents said it looked like 3 images of Charles Manson. I couldn’t really say, myself.

Talked to the guys at work, and one says its the eyes of
Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci from “Home Alone”.
You Agree?