UncleBeer's great

I just wanted to put up an apreciation thread for your new sig. Not that one, the other one.

Killing is always funny.

Jal, please check in at this thread.

[/shameless hijack]

I would like to also express my admiration. That one is a classic.

UncleBeer = Jonas Salk
Concrete = Polio


Hee hee hee hee…

Ummmm…I really don’t even know what is going on here, I just follow oldscratch and Rasa around.

I will thank UncleBeer for taking care of my little slip of the fingers the other day, though. Takes a lot to humiliate me, but I think I did it quite nicely that time.

I’m so going to refrain from hijacking my own thread right now.


Hijack? To my way of thinking, this thread was never on track. But I’spose that’s because I’ve attached a sig line to exactly one post in the past 4 or 5 months and even that was prolly a good month ago. So, I really have no fucking idea what this is all about.

Uncle Beer, for those of us who haven’t got the faintest idea of what your sig is…
Could you post it, please???

It’s in reference to the short lived sig on a concrete incarnation. It read. I will kill you. Or I want to kill you - UncleBeer.

At first, since you had just locked a thread of his, I thought that you had put it in there. In retrospect, it might not be so. It was still hilarious, and the sentiment is shared by many a person.

Hmmm. I assure you I’m not responsible for that. I may be a heartless bastard at times, but threatening to kill someone, no matter your true level of intent, isn’t what I’d call humor. It’d also probably earn a poster an admonishment. I suspect concrete may have done this himself.

My current sig is blank, I believe. Let’s find out shall we?

Huh. I guess not. It’s almost on topic though.

Hi, UncleBeer! And I do like your current sig. :slight_smile: