Under what circumstances should Biden concede?

With Trump, it’s pretty clear what he ought to do - he should concede once it’s shown that Biden has hit 270 and the mail in ballots are only going to expand that lead. (Trump won’t actually do that, of course, but it’s what he ought.)

But with Biden, it’s a different story. Hillary has already urged Biden to never concede. Trump may surge into the lead based off of in person voting but the mail in voting will Iean heavily blue. Trump may then mount challenges in court and it could go all the way to SCOTUS.

If the Supreme Court rules, for instance, that it’s ok to toss out many legit Biden ballots and Trump wins as a result, should Biden concede?

What if it goes to the House and Trump wins 26 delegations to 24?

Under no circumstances should Biden concede. That was easy.

There is never a requirement for any candidate to concede.

There is a requirement for both candidates to abide by the eventual properly certified result. But the loser abiding by that result is not a concession.

It would be pretty stupid to concede when there are enough uncounted mail-in ballots to swing the decision. Whichever way you think those uncounted ballots will tilt.

Hillary Clinton was talking about if the results were close on Election Night.

Wrong. If you listen to the full quote, she said he shouldn’t concede unless all votes are counted and he clearly lost. Which is the answer to the question of the thread.

Isn’t conceding almost meaningless? It indicates that the candidate doesn’t plan to file legal challenges. But if a candidate concedes and the final vote is in their favor, don’t they still win? Each state will still send the appropriate electors, etc.

I tend to agree. I don’t think it has any technical significance. I always saw it more as a symbolic way to indicate to the nation an acceptance that the fight is over, and we should now unite behind our new president. Under the current circumstances, that notion seems kind of ridiculous.

Pretty sure Gore conceded to Bush election night in 2000 but later changed his mind since Florida was so close .

Right, and this was used against him in the court cases. That was a big part of Hillary’s argument – don’t concede before all votes are counted, because that might be used against you.

what legal basis did they use his conceding against Gore?

I’m on with these.

Really, a concession on election night itself is a bit of an entitled expectation. People have gotten spoiled.