"underground" fence dog containment systems

Foster is submissive and very intelligent, which makes me think he’ll adapt to it well. He’s playful and energetic and I look forward to being able to let him run in the yard without worrying about him straying off elsewhere. Thanks for the post!

I appreciate your post! Some of it doesn’t apply to my situation, as I don’t let any of my dogs out unsupervised, ever. I’m not worried about a stray dog wandering in or anything like that. He’s tagged and microchipped in case the fence DOES fail, and we rarely get power outages, so that’s covered at least.

Thanks for posting your experiences- it helps a lot!

Fantastic post- thank you! The only thing I wonder about is the “if he gets outside the fence, go get him” part. Hell, I"d need a tranq gun. He’s a terrier and runs like a jackrabbit. I swear if they sold them to the public I’d get one and just shoot him in the ass as he crossed the neighbors yard!

Thanks again- that’s a fantastic training method and sounds like it works well.

That’s the system I’m eyeing. I could see one of my dogs doing the “inching forward, knowing what’s coming” bit, but not Foster. Example- our cat beats the crap out of the dogs. The Rottie will bug her anyway, KNOWING she’s going to claw him in the nose. He’ll prepare for it, close his eyes, and harass her. Foster (the terrier in question) will avoid her at ALL costs and simply won’t go past her if she’s around. That’s why I think the fence will work on him.

And OMG on the crossing over the fence in the car- thanks for pointing that out! How awful for your pup and you!

This is the case for my neighbors across the street. After a year or so of using the fence, the dogs have no interest in leaving the yard at all, collar or no.

Terriers… Fortunately most of them have short legs! :wink: Smaller dogs have a tougher time busting out, in general - It takes them longer to go through the barrier, and few dogs are willing to tollerate the pain for that long. OTOH, terriers are known for being a bit bloody-minded about doing what they want to do.

I’d say, in your case, should your terrier crash the boundries, that you’d need to bait him to you, with a toy or treats. Gotta be careful, though, that you don’t encourage him to make a break for it, just to get play time or treats.

I can see where other animals and humans would be an issue for a lot of people- we don’t let our dogs out unattended though (ever) even the well trained Rottie who wouldn’t wander out of sight for all the money in the world. I hope I find a solution too- thanks for your post!

BoBettie - My mother’s dog Casey, the wire fox terrier, weighs 32 lbs at his last vet visit. He’s a terror to squirrels and chipmunks but never tries to cross the line. Even if his collar is off he stays in the boundary.


Thanks for the info- so far my terror…I mean, terrier seems to be of the digging around the yarn type- I’ve not seen him chase after anything at all. Interesting!

My son had a friend that used the invisible fence to great success. An added source of entertainment was the kids (and by that I mean Adult Kids) putting the collar on and pushing each other across the line. While I wasn’t there to see it, it sounded hilarious.