Underrated sports figures who need to be moved up a notch

Inspired by the “overrated sports figures” thread!

My vote for an underappreciated athelete and good guy- Tampa Bay Buccaneer Warrick Dunne.

Dunne and his siblings were raised by a single mom who was a cop but also had to moonlight to make ends meet. Her dream was to own a house to raise her family in. Beofre Warrick was drafted, she was shot and killed during a robbery.

When Warrick made it big, the first thing he did was buy a house and move his siblings into it. Now, he is passing on his mother’s dream on to other single moms.

He buys 5-6 houses a year at the holidays and gives them to working single moms. He makes the down payment, fills the house with furniture and all appliances, and stocks the kitchen, fridge and pantry with food and utensils. The mortgage payment is the same as the rent payment the woman had in her apartment or rental house. Apparently he has been doing this for several years now, so why did I only hear about it now?!?

What a great guy! Why is it that this kind of thing never makes the papers? I guess it’s not as exciting as someone getting arrested with crack and hookers, or for beating his wife, or for carrying an assault rifle around town.

So, Warrick is my new favorite athlete and underrated good guy.

Your vote?

While ranking him in the most underrated spot, you may want to spell his name right. Dunn. Warrick DUNN. I am a huge Bucs fan, so get it right.
I think that Dunn isn’t nearly as underrated as John Lynch. Do you know how many games he’s clinched because of awesome plays? Why, just this Sunday he forced and recovered a fumble on the 1 yard line to set up a 21 yard FG to win in OT. He’s never been involved in drug, alcohol or prostitute controversies. Plus he’s better than any other SS in the league. Definitely underrated.

~~Reggie Miller

no, let me bold that

Reggie Miller

I love him as a player… He’s awesome, an assassin of a shooter… like that’s news…

and he’s got other game that he flashes when need be…

Simply the man, and he’ll get his…



John Lynch is truly a great player, but underrated?
Always seems to be the talk of the team and feared by offenses. Two time Pro Bowl selection.

Ricky Proehl gets my vote.