Underworld Soundtrack

I was just wondering if anyone had any information regarding the Soundtrack for Underworld and/or the trailers.
Thanks for the help


Darn…for a second there, I thought you were asking what our “soundtrack” would be for the underworld.

I was going to say Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” and Enya’s “Shepherd Moons,” for each respective “afterlife.”

Well, if you want to know what the song in the trailer is called, it’s “Red Tape” by Agent Provocateur. I found this info at http://www.soundtrack.net/trailers/.

Hahah thanks Ricks…that is the ONLY song I actually already had :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone else?


I believe that’s the same song that Bruce Willis uses to distract the agents in The Jackel before he goes to town on them.

That would be the one…i have it from the Jackal soundtrack :smiley: