Unemployment Insurance

I’m not sure where to put this but…
I was told 3 weeks ago that I was going to be put on part time. I can’t live on this so I resigned (2 weeks from now) to enable myself to find new work. Was I wrong in resigning? I need the time to find a new job.

Also, can I file for unemployment? I need the money and the freedom to search.

I’m going file anyway but…

any info on this?

(PS Satan, if you get canned let me know. I’m in the RTP area. I’m buying!)


I don’t think you can get unemployment if you resigned, I think you have to be laid off. However, since the whole thing was initiated by your employer you might have a chance.

Whether or not you should have resigned to look for work depends on who you are. If you’re the kind of person who meets their goals you probably did the right thing. You’re motivated and able to put in the time to find a new (better) job. OTOH, if you’re more of a dreamer than a doer – maybe you should take the part-time work until you really get serious about looking. Sometimes it takes a long time to find what you want and half a loaf is better than none in the meantime.

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I agree with pluto, generally you can’t claim unemployment if you quit. However, some states recognize “constructive termination”, where an employer cuts your hours or imposes other sanctions in an effort to get you to quit, as a claimable unemployment status.


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You should have looked with out resigning, and just told your employer you can’t live on these many work hours. When you found a full time job you then quit.

I was told by my present employer that he would allow me to file. But he has a manager and his manager has… well, on and on.
Also, I’m 59 years old. (I know, I know) so It’ a tad more difficult to find work.

I can last for a while on my savings and think I’m maybe going to kick back and listen to my Stan Getz CD’s and drink a hell of a lot of Bud Light.

Thanks for your responss tho. (Damn it’s getting hard to type. Stan’s playing with Bill Evans)


In some States, resigning is considered voluntarily giving up your job and you cannot claim unemployment. Cumberland Farms stores used to like to pull a little trick to get rid of folks without having to pay unemployment. They would cut the persons hours down until they were working like one hour a day or every other day and would eventually quit.

You do have the option to dispute your unemployment claim, which will then require an Arbitrator from the government to pop in. Since you quit, he will probably deny your claim, stating that you could have kept your job and looked for gainful employment or taken another, part time job.

A courier company, Airborne Express has a nasty little thing going for it. In the South, they hire subcontractors, who hire the drivers. If they get pissed at you, they tell the subcontractor to fire you. If he disagrees and does not, they will do one of two things: Pull his contract with a 30 day warning and fire him and everyone who works for him or state that you cannot handle any company freight nor be on any company property.

When that happens, since Airborne leases the station property for the subcontractor, he has no option but to let you go.

Now, if you file for unemployment, the subcontractor does not have to pay it because he was forced into letting you go. Airborne does not have to pay it because you were employed by the subcontractor.

You’re screwed.

Take a look around this website for the North Carolina Employment Security Commission. They’ve probably got more valid info than you’ll get from us.

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Every year we go through this at this time in hotels. I don’t know about the other states but in Illinois if they cut your hours you keep your job AND file for unemployment. The office will make up a portion of the difference.

Of course you still have to look for other work (part time etc) to make up the difference on your own. But usually they don’t look on this as hard as when you are out of work all together.

In fact my last hotel I worked at sent out a flyer on how to file if your hours were cut.

By quitting you really did yourself in. If you’re not officially gone see if you can retract your resignation and see what your unemployment office says.