Unequal cost load balancing - in Windows

Allright, I must be using the wrong search terms or something.

I’ve got a pc in a car. This PC has a 3G card as well as an 802.11g card. I wasn’t to access data from this unit when it is on the road, as well as parked at home. The thing is, I want to access that data using the superior 11g data rate when the vehicle is near an accessible wifi.

Basically, the 3G should always be accessible, but should only be used when the wifi is inaccessible.

“Unequal cost load balancing” only really turns up cisco routing protocol configuration info. I must be missing something.

Any suggestions?


This should be more or less automatic. When you are in range of a wifi signal, you connect to it, and that will then be your primary source of internet connectivity. When you are not connected, it will revert to 3G. I’m not sure what the phrase for this would be, but it’s not what you’re searching for.

You achieve this by adjusting the metric of the route. Lower metric = preferred route. So assign the 3G a metric of 10. (2 will do but you may need to give room for more than one 11g route being simultaneously available)