Unexpectedly, the same actor

I was watching the original Disney Snow White last night (on ABC Family, way too many commercials), and I noticed a similarity in the way the face was portrayed, as well as the voice, between the old apple peddler/witch, and a fairly minor character in a favorite film of mine, A Tale of Two Cities (1935 version).

Turns out they were played by the same person, Lucille La Verne. I’m willing to bet the animators studied her portrayal in that earlier film and based the mannerisms of the witch on her portrayal of The Vengeance.

How about you? What cases of unexpectedly, the same actor, have you run across lately?

More likely, they had her act out the part of the witch, and copied her exact mannerisms as the witch to the cartoon. It’s a technique often employed by Disney.


I had a very hard time convincing my parents that Gary Cole plays both Lumbergh in Office Space (one of their favorite comedies) and Ricky’s dad in Talladega Nights. I finally had to pull up IMDB to show them.

On a related note, I have this knack for spotting common actors in disparate roles (such as Gary Oldman who is a freaking chameleon), and also for recognizing character actors (e.g., “there’s that guy!”). One thing I found funny in Night At The Museum 2 was that when the Air and Space Museum “comes to life”, there is a mission control guy who is played by Clint Howard, who played a similar role in Apollo 13.