Unfortunate Acronyms

I always wondered why the people who come up with acronyms don’t think about the negative connotations they might have.
For example, Richar Nixon’s re-election PAC-“CREEP” (Committee to ReElect The President)-somehow, I always though that creeps liked Nixon.
Or PETA (People eating Tasty Animals)
What are your favorite acronyms?

That was a direct response to the other PETA.

Here is a similar threadfrom a couple of months ago.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in publication since 1915 - PNAS.

My company has an Internet Telephony Server server in Shanghai named SHITS

San Diego Wild Animal Park had a contest to name the tram ride that ran through the various habitats. The winning entry was WGASA Bush Line; the letters standing for “Who gives a shit, anyway!”

The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society

Bachelor of Science degree – it’s so obvious, it shouldn’t cause a snicker anymore, but it does.

The field of hazardous materials management brings us LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank).

Sometimes a LUST involves a BRA (Baseline Risk Assessment).

Heh. It’s been too long since I’ve watched that.
PETA really doesn’t work - the perfectly innocuous acronym came first, then later detractors came up with a negative alternate meaning.

This is pretty good! :smiley:

Hee. I have a BS in English, which I think is entirely appropriate.

The International English Honor Society is Sigma Tau Delta.

Same degree here, and I often make the same joke. :smiley:

ETOPS, or Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards, is a set of rules that allow aircraft with only two engines to fly over the ocean. It can also mean Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim.

The standardized tests high school kids must pass to graduate in Virginia are the Standards Of Learning. Fail, and you’re SOL.

I believe there used to be, before they changed their name, a Sam Houston Institute of Technology.

Then there French Connection United Kingdom, but that was quite obviously intentional.

Slightly off topic, there is the South Lake Union Streetcarin Seattle. The unofficial name is the SLUT: South Lake Union Trolley, which the city despises but can’t stamp out. There are t-shirts available, here is one style.

The band Jimmy Eat World often comment on their unfortunate acronym.

A friend and I were talking once about the post-Soviet-invasion America in Red Dawn and what we thought it would be like. He came to the conclusion that the Soviet occupation authorities would probably change the name of the US to “something like the American Socialist States.” I gave him a second to realize what he said, but he never did.

I always thought that NIMBY sounded stupid.

My favorite is one that the responsible parties were astute enough to avoid. The First Unitarian Church of Berkeley is actually located in the adjacent community of Kensington. But they didn’t use Kensington in the name for some reason …

When I was working for Statistics Canada, one of the many phone surveys we conducted was called the Youth In Transition Survey, or YITS (rhymes with knits).

I always thought it sounded like some kind of rash or disease. “I can’t come in to work today; I’ve got a bad case of YITS”