Uninstalling programs and clearing them out of the Registry

I am currently running WinME, AOL 7.0, and IE 6.0 (yeah, yeah, the Ultimate Trio of Evil). Anyhoo, it seems of late that AOL & IE aren’t getting along. I mentioned this in a recent thread about this board displaying fragments of HTML (or whatever language its written in) code. I finally noticed a pattern: when I click on a link within a post, close it, and back out of the post, the code fragments appear.

So here’s my plan:

Uninstall both AOL & IE using their uninstall programs.
Edit the Registry of any references to said programs.
Reinstall fresh copies.
Hope to hell I can stop this from happening again.

Any of you computer gurus see any glitches with this plan?

PS. I don’t want to NOT use AOL and/or IE depsite the amount of suckage they may contain.

If you know what you’re doing with the registry it’d probably work, but IE puts registry keys all over, so you can’t be sure you’re getting them all.

If you can back up your data files and reformat and rebuild your machine, you’d run less risk. Don’t know if that’s practical for you, though.

Be very very very very careful about getting rid of IE references. In fact, I reccomend not getting rid of it at all. Don’t forget that IE is integrated with what you see when you click on “My Computer”, for example.

Get rid of AOL (registry too), reinstall IE6, then reinstall AOL. That sounds like a safer plan.

I’m gonna backup the Registry and set a Restore point before I do this.

I may pass on editing the Registry of IE tags now that I think of it.

Are you sure you don’t have Klez? I’d check first before I went to all this trouble. It messes with IE and your antivirus program.