Unintentional Bad Taste In Movies

At least I hope this was unintentional.

So I’m watching the new remake of Friday the 13th on DVD. There’s a wince-inducing moment right in the opening credits. The movie begins with a brief flashback from earlier in the series (I presume), and it’s shot in such a way that we see a brief film clip, followed by a stand-alone credit, followed by another brief film clip, and so on and so forth.

Anyway, there’s a shot of a decapitated head, followed by the credit for the movie’s Director of Photography, followed by another shot of a decapitated head.

The DP’s name? Daniel C. Pearl! Yikes!

Is it even possible that nobody connected with the producing of the movie caught that?

Unintentional bad taste in movies… Where does one begin?

I don’t get it. What’s this horrible connection between Daniel C. Pearl and severed heads?

Daniel Pearl was a journalist beheaded on video by Al Qaeda a few years back.

Daniel Pearl was the name of the journalist who was beheaded by Islamic militants in (I think) Pakistan.

Is this a whoosh?

It’s the lack of a connection between Daniel Pearl and a severed head that’s relevent.

Back to the OP, perhaps the line in Dr. Strangelove that was changed: “You could have a pretty good time in Dallas with this.” It would have been in bad taste after the Kennedy Assassination, so it was changed to Vegas.

There’s also the first episode of The Lone Gunmen which had a plane almost flying into the World Trade Center.

There’s a certain amount of irony at play when a series with the primary dramatic conceit of “every nutbar conspiracy theory you ever heard is actually true” begins with an episode where military contractors fake a hijacking and try to crash a commercial airliner into the World Trade Center, with the intent of starting a nice lucrative war in the middle east – airing six months before the attacks.

Pun intended?:eek:

At the beginning of each episode of Police Squad, they would announce a celebrity guest who would only appear for about :30 seconds before being killed during the opening credits. The episode that had John Belushi was scheduled to air just after his actual death. It was re-shot with another celbrity and never aired.