Unintentionally hilarious ad

I just saw this in a Metro station:

I can’t tell what’s hilarious about that ad because the picture is so blurry I can only read “Keep classified data classified” and “Samsung” and “Galaxy S7 Edge”.

Why is this hilarious?

Burn after reading?

“The phone that bursts into flame to keep your data safe.”

I thought the Mercedes ad trumpeting its auto-steer, auto-brake, etc. with the cutline “Its Impact Is Understandable” was funnier, but no one seemed to notice.

Hmmmm. I’m still not getting it. Prolly because I thought it was only the Note that burst into flames.

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Oh well.
Goldberg, Iceberg… what’s the difference?

DC Metro’s emergency door instructions were unintentionally amusing.

They finally put the instructions for how to get the door open before “exit the train” when the map was updated for the new Silver Line.

And what about the trend for car companies to show the driver with less then desirable attention being saved by the auto braking? It’s almost like they are excusing the behavior. “Don’t worry, be happy. We’ll save you…”


That’s the one I have, the “Edge”. It’s the “Note” that explodes.