Unioto High School - What the fuck do they put in the water at this hellhole?


After going to Unioto for a year, I just must know, what the fuck is everyone there on? Almost everyone there is a dumbass, from the girl who I had to explain the concept of abstinence five goddamn times to the idiot who wrote “Homosexuals are gay” on the bathroom wall. I mean, we have Chad, an officialite asshole who stalks people. I’ve seen villians in James Bond flicks who wern’t as psychotic as this nutcase. He follows me for two years after finding out I wrote up a list of stuff I hated (the curse of Unioto affected me too)

Then we have Cameron. The genius behind this horrendous page . He’s your typical script kiddie 3l337 h@x0r, and he beats his girlfriend Jamie.

Then again, if I had Jamie as a girlfriend, it’s be hard not to beat her. She lets Cameron beat her to a pulp, but I try to approach her, she runs away screaming. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s double standards. Hopefully she’s just got bad feedback on me from Chad, but I dunno.

Then we go to Ben, the reason I’m in the whole mess with Chad/Jamie/etc. He emails rape threats to Jamie, tries and frames me for it, and then does a bunch of other stupid shit which if you want to read about, read this thread.

I could go on and on, from the Eminem wannabe with too much damn energy, to the fact that a quarter of the school says the Earth is 6,000 years old, to the kids who frequently cross-dress in pink tutus and Superman costumes. All I can say is, I’m glad I don’t go to this pig-fucking shithole anymore. There are schools in Afghanistan better than Unioto right now. Shit, Afghanistan had better schools while the Taliban was in power then Unioto could ever hope to be.

There might be reasons for this, maybe inbreeding, or maybe teachers who corrupt the children, and should be transferred to Columbine High School. Or maybe it’s the mass religion. Most of Unioto are religious fanatics who think Earth is celebrating the big 6-O-O-O soon.

And the kids who go to other schools I’ve met are perfectly normal, except my ex-girlfriend, but exes are always hated, so fuck her.

I’m ready to admit it. I’ll never know what drives the sub-human pigbeasts that are the Unioto classes of 2002-05.

Um… so far as I’m aware, homosexuals are gay.


The above was brought to you by the sarcasm patrol. If you don’t like it, adjust your facetious meter accordingly.

Du_Hast, your thread-link is incomplete.

'specially the pitchers. :smiley:



That’s the link.

I was curious about the 6000 year thing, so I looked it up.

Reasons given from a website which shall remain nameless:

"Well if you count the dates in the Bible from the beginning of the earth to the time Christ came and add the numbers up, you will calculate about 4000 years. <snip> Adding 2000 to 4000, results in 6000. <snip>

As you can see then, scientists’ mythical theory of evolution partly causes them to say that the earth is millions of years old.

But there is no such thing as evolution and so we can be assured that the earth is only a little over 6000 years old. "

I dunno. What are your science classes like?

My mom went to Unioto. She liked the place about as much as you do.

Du_Hast, you should submit that web page as an “Awful Link of the Day” at www.somethingawful.com.

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