Unique Bonding Activities

I’m interested in hearing some stories about how you spent “quality time” with your parents, or how you spend it with your kids. The reason I’m asking is because my husband & stepson just left to spend some very unique time together…they’re going to see Alvin Lee & Ten Years After (the original lineup) at Pine Knob. My husband has been a fan of Alvin Lee since he first heard him in the sixties, and my stepson…well, my stepson is 5 years old. He worships his dad, loves to hear his dad play guitar, and when my husband asked him if he wanted to go to a rock concert where one of his own favorites was playing…the look on the boy’s face was indescribable. Been a long time since I’ve seen joy like that. I think they’re going to have a great time together, regardless of how Alvin Lee sounds. :slight_smile:

Bonding time… Would that involve crazy glue and time keeping devices, possibly?

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Cristi, you must be nearby. Pine Knob is twenty minutes from here. Anyway, my son has taken to fishing with his old man nearly every weekend. He wakes me up Sunday mornings with his vest and hat on ready to go. I made the mistake of telling him the best time to catch fish is just before daybreak. Oooof! I’m proud of the little sinker but Sunday morning? 5am?

Fishing is one of the things my husband & his son want to do very much, but haven’t had the chance to do yet. Gotta get 'em set up with poles, worms, & the like. Not sure where they’ll go…we live in Flint, and we just had a major sewage spill into the Flint River. Most unsafe. But if that boy wakes his dad up at 5 am…LOL! Not looking forward to that reaction!

Grew up 100 yards from my grandparents house (now I’m living in it) and saw them, and worked with them on a daily basis. My grandfather worked up until the day he died and my grandmother passed a couple years later. I’ve always thought that working together was a good bonding activity. It’s also very difficult working for/with family members, but in what other way can you find out so much about who your parents/grandparents really are then to spend the whole day working with them. I’ve always thought I was quite lucky to know my grandparents, and my parents, so well because we’ve spent more time together than most families. I’ll also say that at times it can get stressfull.

Never really spent much time with my dad, nor did I care to. But when we moved to NC, we started playing golf pretty regular. It was actually fun. We almost became…well, buds. Kinda creepy. I say every boy and his dad should keep a healthy, awkward distance.

At around 4 or 5 years of age I used to “shave” with my dad. I’d use one of those deely-bobs that mounts the toilet-paper holder to the wall as my “razor.” Isn’t that cute as all get out?

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One of the greatest joys of all my life has been to bake a cake with my 5 year old daughter.

Can’t explain it really, but it transcended the father-daughter bond we’d already developed.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the ‘picnics’ my mother made for us. She would get an old blanket and lay it out in the living room, and we would eat macaroni and cheese casserole while watching TV. Simple, cheap and fun!

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