Unisex bathrooms

Before it probably didn’t occur to our Victorian modesty to combine them, but now that we’re modern why not?

Sometimes I see them and sometimes not, is there a building code of some sort?

I call for equality of the sexes and to abolish segregation of defication facilities!

This from someone who’s tired of putting up with female shit…

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

I’m sorry , but are you nuts ? I live in a household with 3 males , we have 2 bathrooms. I have to look at the mess they leave in the bathroom every freaking day of my life !

When I wake up in the middle of the night and have to go really badly, it never fails that I go running in there, drop my drawers (just in time I might add), and my cheeks get a rude introduction to the cold bowl. Not to mention that at time the last male to use the toilet has often times sprinkled the rim of the bowl. That is so gross !

Thanks, but I have no desire to be in the bathroom with some nasty egg eating, beer guzzeling, popcorn munching guy. I would be afraid the fumes would eat my skin away.

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Why would guys want to give up our separate bathrooms?

I like not having to wait in line. After a movie or in a bar there is always a line out the door of the ladies room.


Save water drink beer!

But, as a bonus, we would have access to couches in the bathroom. However, the most ludicrous idea is that Occam is tthe person that is pushing for this idea. Just read Occam and Women

Yes, the weather is the same up here. Yes, I play basketball. No, never heard a tall joke before. Aaaargh.

All of the larger nightclubs in NYC I have relieved myself in have unisex(multi-gender, guess-a-gender,etc.) bathrooms. It’s really no big deal. The guys do their thing in the urinals. Ladies use the stalls, men, of course, use the stall if necessary. And occasionally the bouncers have to pry open a door to escort a couple, trio, what have you out for misuse of the area. (could be any number of things…,drugs, sex, blowjobs,passed out cold,etc.etc.)
And you don’t really wait in a line, you make your way to a stall or urinal and stand directly in front of it until it is vacant,unless any of the above mentioned is taking place and you realize it’s been longer than normal, then, you simply swipe the next one that frees. Never EVER sit down. Open-toed shoes are not recommended. And any New Yorker can tell you how to flush a toilet with your foot.

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

Almost every office building I’ve worked in had the ladies’ room locked but not the men’s. Hell if I want to have to carry a key all the time to use the bathroom.

Plus, the reason these ladies’ rooms are key-access only is to protect them from lurkers. Who’s to know if potential lurkers might be fellow male co-workers who now have a key to the facilities.

Also, if some women were to make loud noises while in the stall, they would die of embarrassment if they realized that a man had heard and knew who they were.

Finally, those little trash cans freak me out.

Everyone could probably guess how I feel about unisex bathrooms, but most likely you’d be wrong. I don’t like them because women’s bathrooms are filthy. They even have their nasty, bloody, old, used tampons or maxi pads lying around. At my first menial job I had to clean the women’s bathroom once. Never again. It was almost a welcome relief to go back to the pee-poop smelling men’s bathroom rather than experience the women’s. GAG! I only cleaned it once.


Move over Satan. :wink: Now there’s something meatier. http://smallwonder.simplenet.com/COC.html

I’ve shared bathrooms with men my entire life. Balding men my entire life. What kills me is the fact that they (three brothers and one husband, though not at the same time)take 45 minute showers. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN THERE? (wait a sec…maybe I don’t wanna know.)

As for the toilet seat being left up. It has never happened to me or my mom. The brothers were raised to be gentlemen in that respect and so was Hubby.

I dated a guy who shared his bathroom with his brother (and he was not trained in this respect) and when I fell in the toilet one night I went to the offending party and grabbed him out of bed, dragging him to the bathroom to put the seat down like a gentleman before I taught him a real lesson. He never did it again and his parents thought it was a hoot. Never left the seat up again.

If women want equal rights, then they should be able to put up with the seat being down, just as men do with it being up.

SqrlCub, I know what you mean, when I worked at Wal-Mart I used to have to clean both men’s and women’s rooms and the women’s were by far the most disgusting.

On the idea of the toilet and seat up. There is a device that you can purchase that goes on the lid, that if the whole lid is down you see nothing, if the top is up but the rest of the lid is down you see a green light and if the whole lid is up you see a red target in the bottom of the bowl.

Teach those men to put the lid down (I put the whole thing down because looking into a toilet is disgusting). And teach the boys to pee while sitting, less mess that way.


Sorry, got interupted by the dog wanting to come inside.

Where what I?

Women’s bathrooms are crammed with lotions, potions and stuff. I know. I have a plethoria of crapola and this is the weeded down version of what I have compared to my younger, vainer, have a job/income days and I don’t even hardly wear make up.( Most of it’s body lotion that seems to multiply by it’s own accord under the sink.) But, women have one thing going for them that beat men hands down. They don’t make the toilet brown from the shit balloons you guys seemingly pop inside the rim. DEAR GOD! CAN’T YOU GUYS POOP LIKE REGULAR FOLK OR WHAT? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(And while I’m at it…) What’s the deal with the brown stained underpants too fellas? Huh? Waitin’ a little too long to hit the can or what? Pinchin’ a log and a brown stained fart stains the hanes or what? Christ on a crutch, you bitch about us women going in packs to the pissery, but at least we never have poop striped Fruit of the Looms. (yeah, we have blood stains on our undies, but that is completely natural and only a couple days a month, not every friggin’ washload, ace.)

I have done laundry for my brothers.I have done laundry for the 5 boys that lived across the street from me when I was a kid. I’ve done laundry for a couple of guy cousins. I am continuously doing laundry for hubby and I have done laundry for a few of his friends ( between apartments situations) This brown stained underwear thing is NOT an isolated incident. It’s global and it needs congressional funding to be researched pooperly…properly.

In closing this rant, I would like to share a favorite quote that kinda, sorta fits this thread: Success is like a fart, only yours smells good.