United Football League?

So the UFL’s first season begins in three days. Anyone looking forward to it or planning on following it? Four teams, eight weeks, hideous jerseys. I was just looking at the rosters and there’s a lot of players that were not signed or released at the beginning of the NFL season. Three head coaches are former NFL head coaches and the fourth is a long-time NFL assistant/ coordinator. I’m not sure what to think of it. I’m pretty sure I don’t have either of the channels that are airing the games though.

I think I’ll probably go to two of the Tuskers’ three home games. I’m a little annoyed that they’re playing a home game at Tropicana Field, though- the Tampa-St. Pete area already has an NFL franchise (go Bucs!) and had an AFL team until the league folded, so it’s not as though they’re starving for football.

I am glad we’ve got a team, overall, if for no other reason than completeness. Orlando is the poster city for minor-league football; we’ve had one or more teams in the XFL, the NFL World League, the USFL, WFL, CPFL and Arena League.

What the hell is a “Tusker”?

It’s a sort of wild boar, apparently. See here.

I became a whole lot less interested when I saw that the San Francisco uniforms are the same moronically hideous neon green that the Seahawks trotted out as alternate jerseys last week, and also the same as the Portland Storm of the World Football League, and also the same as the Orlando Thunder of the World League of American Football.

Some colors should simply never be used for football uniforms, and that’s one of them.

Yeah. Make the San Fran uniforms hot pink!

I love their uniforms. I can’t wait to see the helmet designs.

HA! Yep! I was in Seattle during the preseason and went to the game against Denver. I saw lots of fans with Seahawks hats that color and thought they looked kinda cool. In small doses it’s different and original looking, but definitely keep that color off the football field! Had no idea it was their new alt color. Thought it was just an alternate color for fan attire.

Really? That multi-colored slanted stripe on the chest? My first thought was that perhaps a team of 3rd graders designed them and chose the colors.


I’ll follow San Francisco, but I don’t have cable TV. I hope the league works.

Hell, I’m still mourning the XFL. Go Orlando Rage!

Please tell me you don’t mean it!! That shit was so awful. I watched the first game and decided that if it lasted more than one season, I would end my life. Goofiest damn mess I ever saw.Vince McMahon can eat my ass for even trying to fuck with football. Damn Bright, apparently you hit a nerve here. :D:rolleyes::mad:

Well, they misspelled the name of one of their fucking stadium so I’m not going to hold out a lot of hope.

…and the address to another one.

And why is this page about everything but the Redwoods?

This is going to be just plain sad. At least McMahon provided some theatrics (and a logo designer).

I’m not going to say it was football at its best, or anything, but they didn’t make the NFL does constantly- taking themselves too seriously.

There is so much bullshit in and around the NFL, where every fluky play is “a brilliant piece of improvisation” instead of “hey, lucky bounce” and where every announcer lives to repeat what the other ones have already said.

The XFL was football, but it was original and it was funny. Bet you’ll never remember any other marginal special teams player the way you remember He Hate Me.

The UFL is a disaster in the making. One season and done.

  1. Despite a slogan of “where future stars play,” there are no future stars here, just a bunch of 28-year-old NFL retreads. Who the hell wants to see J.P. Losman, and Brooks Bollinger again?

  2. They’re spending way too much, and for no reason. I don’t see a single guy on any of their teams that deserves a million-dollar salary. You can set wages at $100k and you’d still get nearly all the same players – the vast majority of them aren’t going to make that kind of money anywhere else.

  3. Instead of firmly planing their teams in cities that will support them as local teams, they’re trying to be “regional” with 3 of the 4 teams. Stupid. They’re putting all their eggs in the national-TV-contract basket, which is dumb considering that they are on an obscure network and competing against college ball on ESPN virtually ever night.

A much better approach is/was one taken by the stillborn AAFL: get players who are already known to fans via college ball, but who weren’t quite good enough to make it in the NFL, and let them play to their local fans.

IOW: Orlando, with Chris Leak and a bunch of UF/FSU/Miami players on the team; San Antonio, with Graham Harrell and a bunch of Texans;
Memphis, with Erik Ainge and assorted SEC types; and so on.

Also, there should be age restrictions put in place so that it clearly is a developmental league, not a place for has-beens and never-weres (i.e., no more than 3 players per team over age 30, and no more than 10 over age 25.)

I might watch, if I could find where VERSUS is!

I’m a bit sick of the NFL right now anyway.

Why will the New York Sentinels play their three home games at three different stadiums?

I may go to the game at Giants Stadium.

Yeah, typos and misspellings on professional websites annoy me to no end and make it hard for me to take them serious.

Funny though Troy that you made the same error in your sentence that they made on their site. You forgot the “s” in the words “stadiums”. (sorry, couldn’t help myself) =P

I’ll give you all that. To me though, there’s “too serious” and then there’s just plain making a mockery of something. I was admittedly biased from the get-go due to my strong disdain for all that pro wrestling soap opera crap and the fact that the site of Vince McMahon’s face turns babies into future arsonists and dries up even the wettest women.

What about the Canadian league? Anyone watch that stuff? I wouldn’t even know how even if I wanted to, but I’ve always been kind of interested.

Technically, it’s stadia. Gaudere’s Law strikes again!

Nice. I just had to go learn what that means, and I love it. It’s the same thing as Muphry’s Law.

Oh, and Bright, fuck you and your “stadia” bullshit! :stuck_out_tongue: