United Healthcare: try being professional (weak)

Besides the fact that their customer service reps are frequently clueless and refer people to various other agencies that can’t help them, they have terrible hours for customer service, and their after hours answering service is horrid.

I work for a company where UHC is one of the larger clients, their company uses our services and unfortunately, we have to use theirs, as the healthcare provider for our employees. We even get a special number to call their customer service on.

Let’s try an experiment. Our “special number” is 866-592-2358. Try calling it late at night or on a weekend when they’re not available. Go ahead, try it.

You’ll either get a recording of a guy saying something like “We’re not available, please leave a message” or it will just ring, and ring, and ring. Sounds a bit like my phone, 'cept I don’t run a multi-million dollar healthcare company.

Was I calling the right number? Was I accidentally calling a roofing company or a bowling alley? I find it helpful to at least mention the fucking name of the company whose message service you’ve reached, but that’s just me.

Don’t get me started on their website either. Try finding an important phone number on it, hope you have a while.

I guess it doesn’t really matter though, it’s only medical benefit information that I’m seeking. I can almost always wait weeks and weeks for information, I’m sure I’ll never need information or care in a hurry ever in my life. :rolleyes: