United States Naval Academy

What are the set requirements to get in? I’ve visited the site, but cannot find any set requirements for entry.

I’ve heard 1800 on the SAT and a reccomendation from a government official, but I’m not 100% positive on either of those.

Normally you get recommended by your US senator or US house member to get in. I think they each get a certain number of slots they can use per year. I don’t know if other politicians can put your name up as well.


Here’s a partial answer to your question, I think.

For the many steps you need to follow to be admitted, see http://www.usna.edu/Admissions/steps.htm

No school I’m aware of has a hard cutoff SAT score. It’s just one of many things they look at. Average SAT scores for the naval academy appear to be well over 600 in each of the two traditional sections. One site says 667 (Math) and 637 (Verbal) are average, but those scores are years out of date. I didn’t find any information on average scores for the new writing section.

If memory serves (as an applicant to USNA and USMA a decade ago - I failed the Medical Exam Review Board [DODMERB] due to sporting injuries), the requirements included the following:

-Congressman recommendation (House or Senate); each Member of Congress is allotted 5 recommendations
-Strong academics and standardized test scores
-Being able to pass the PT test (pullups, pushups, situps, overhead basketball throw and shuttle run). (Anecdote: make sure you lock your elbows on the down-side of pullups; I had had a multiple fracture in one of my elbows a year or so prior to testing that cost me some of my range of motion - during the test is an inconvenient time to explain that only one elbow straightens :smack: )

There are a bunch of other, more detailed requirements, as well. Naturally, drug history, et cetera - anything that would compromise your ability to be given a national security clearance, since all officers (in all branches) are required to maintain at least a Secret clearance.

Hope that helps (and is still accurate. Like a said, it’s been more than a decade).

I can tell you from first hand experience that a 520 verbal is ok. This score was from 2000, so not sure what it equates to in 2010.

PM me for more info.

(Damn, 10 yrs already?)