United Way Fraud Scam and Scandal

In an era when many Americans are feeling disenchanted by mega-corporations and conglomerates in general, it is time to see the United Way for what it is; the biggest corporate charity in America. It is time to take a good, hard look at the national and local United Way(s). Questions need to be asked of the United Way and all charities.


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Not just a fraud.
Not only a scam.
It’s a fraudscam!

I’m going to let this go for a bit and see where it goes. I’d encourage the OP to return and defend and enhance his position soon.

It is my blog. I wrote the content andvlinked to it in my contact information in my profile here.

I stand firm in United Way as a whole being a sham charity. The accounting practices organization wide are sketchy at best.

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Yes, I am.

I’ve never been willing to donate to UW, mainly because they always had charities on their list that I didn’t care to support. I guess I was also vaguely aware that they must take some sort of administrative costs, though I was unaware that they might allow you to specify the charity to receive a particular donation. Bottom line is that if I wish to donate to charity X, I will cut a check to charity X and send it to them. Why go through something like UW and possibly have the funds diverted to something I don’t support?

I am no fan of United Way, but what is “disturbing” about the fact that some of its local affiliates chose to end their associations with it?

Nobody can be certain the funds they earmark for a specific charity via the United Way actually go to that charity without calling the charity and verifying they were sent the money.

I will not pay the United Way to redistribute my money, like you, I give directly to the charities I support. Why waste 15-20% lining the pockets of United Way executives at all levels, local, state, and national?

What is disturbing, is the United Way reeling them in with promised donations, limiting when they can fund raise, and later decreasing or withdrawing the donations.

I also believe there is more to the story regarding why the Boy Scouts left $7500 on the table, and severed ties with the United Way after a 30 year partnership.

So you said. But I’m not sure why you think other people will be persuaded by the fact that you are suspicious.

Then find out what it is instead of Just Asking Questions. I’m no fan of the United Way, but I’m also not a fan of poorly researched accusations.

The Boy Scouts are not willing to elaborate beyond what was said to the reporter.

Then don’t use it as an example of something when you know nothing about what happened. It’s not evidence.

I never used it as fact i.e. evidence. I brought it up as way to get people to think about what questions to ask charities they support. I presented it as opinion not fact.

Some people will and some will not, but it does start the dialogue and gets people thinking and questioning. My intent is to get people to question the UW and not give blindly.

Unfortunately, that sort of “just asking questions” debating style only gets them questioning you. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms to made about United Way (in addition to their fundraising practices and accounting, I dislike their jingoism and their high-pressure employer giving tactics) without making any up.

And my opinion is that it undermines your credibility; it’s clearly just throwing mud at the wall hoping something will stick. There are issues with UW that have evidence - use those and leave the innuendo aside.