"Uniter not Divider"

Practically everything GWB has done (Cabinet appointments, inarticulate Roe v. Wade comments) seems to be courting divisiveness, regardless of one’s opinion on the merits.

I’ve heard little commentary on this campaign prevarication by the “liberal” media. Have I missed something, or is this still the honeymoon period ?

It’s not “divisive” when you’re right. :rolleyes:

I think it’s more a case that nobody actually believed that crap in the first place, so this comes as no surprise.

I havent heard any Roe vs Wade comments and his cabinet appointments seem to be uniting. Unless of course you think all his appointments should be liberal.

Who, exactly, do his Cabinet appointments seem to me uniting, 'Modie?

Excluded middle much?

Well, of course you’re going to see divisiveness if that’s what you want to see.

Oh come on! You don’t have to look hard to see the divisiveness in the appointments of people like Ashcroft and Norton and Abraham!

The only way in which I am willing to give your point some merit is to acknowledge that not all his appointments are divisive. Many are reasonable, even if I don’t exactly agree with them.

But, Ashcroft, Norton, and Abraham? There are divisive.

No, they are people you don’t agree with. Naturally he would be a divider if he made his whole cabinet out of right or left wing extremists.

I laugh everytime I hear the term “liberal media”. Please, the liberals arent on your ABCNNBCBS news shows. Trust me, if the liberal media actually got their say they would be a bigger pain in Rush Limbaugh’s side. There is no liberal media. Ok, maybe National Public Radio, but yet, even that is being bought out. Give me proof of the “liberal media” and I’m not speaking about Democrats here. Granted, there is a liberal media, but since when do people listen to the far left? the liberal media goe snnoticed by the mainstream media, therefore not making it available to the public eye. Sorry to hijack your thread here, but I’d like to see some proof of true “liberal media” that everyone all over the nation pays attentiont to.

What’s so divisive about choosing cabinet members who reflect your range of beliefs? If Gore would have won, I would have expected a center-left to farther left cabinet. Maybe I wouldn’t like that too much, but I could hardly complain that Gore was overstepping his perogative.

But Gore didn’t campaign using the slogan “Uniter, not a Divider!”

Well, there’re a good number of liberal magazines (not a majority, no). I’ve always considered the vast majority of the media to be quite in the middle, with some reports being more liberal, some being more conservative. Personally, I like Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, since he makes fun of EVERYONE. :smiley:

Bush’s administration hasn’t even started yet! Holy Hell, grow an ounce of patience!

Well then how in your Holy Hell has he managed to get a 42% job approval rating already?

Now that just the sort of bullshit answer I would expect from a non-thinking Bush apologist.

No, we don’t expect Gov. Bush to appoint liberals, we expect that someone who was telling the truth about wanting to unite the country to appoint moderate conservatives.

I’m not convinced that Chavez (was) so far out the mainstream as to be unreasonable. But Ashcroft certainly is. The man is against birth control for christ’s sake! Do you have any idea how small the group of people who believe that are?

He torpedoed Clinton’s appointments many times for no reason other than because the candidates didn’t have the “right” views (according to Ashcroft).

If Ashcroft is a man who’s views Bush agrees with, then Bush believes that drinking and dancing are Sins (but aparently lying at a confirmation hearing isn’t).

And Norton thinks that the proper way to “enforce” the clean air act is to let corporations “police themselves”.
Ever heard of Love Canal? That’s what letting corporations do their own policing can lead to. But I have no problem believing that Bush is more interested in guranteeing profits to his cronys than about clean air and water. In fact I’m sure of it.

Uniting my ass. You are really out of touch with reality if you believe that.


Good to see you, Tejota!

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No wonder people edge away from you nervously in the street. I guess if you are out in Pacifica-land, the national media look conservative to you. But it is undeniable that reporters/editors on the major news outlets consistently let their leftist views rule their stories. I find this loathsome even when I agree with them.

While some of Bush’s Cabinet appointees are disgusting, the tenor of the outrage over their selection is difficult to understand. Unless of course you’re like those pundits who are shocked, deeply shocked that GW didn’t take your advice to share power with the Demos, since the election was so close and all.

I don’t recall WJ Clinton being all that inclusive of GOPs when it came to making his appointments.

Once again, you’re pretending there is no difference between a GOP moderate and an a religious zealot. Clinton DID appoint center-left people to his cabinet. I expect a ‘uniter’ like Gov. Bush to do the same; appoint center-right people.

(Actually, I don’t. I had Bush pegged as a liar fairly early. But that’s another thread.)

I gurantee you, if Bush would have run on the platform the Ashcroft apparently believes him, he wouldn’t have gotten more than 15% of the vote. Keep in mind, that the voters rejected Buchannan.

You gotta hand it to Gov. Bush though. If he isn’t dumb as a post then he has solid brass cojones. (I’d be willing to bet he’s at least slightly smarter than cellulose).


Thanks, I’ve been around, but not posting much. I’m mostly lurking because I’m in crunch mode at work.


No, even unsightly fat cells could get B’s at Yale these days.

The truer analogy, say in the case of Interior, would be Gore appointing someone from Greenpeace. Knowingly selecting someone from the legal arm of the Wise Use movement is as extremist as that; and what uniting purpose does it serve ? The Sierra Club, not known as any particularly “left-wing” group, is aghast at Norton’s appointment. Certainly not much of a political imperative, as the folks in Idaho would vote GOP in the next election anyway…

I figure, in a sense, there’s an opportunity to test the validity of the old “liberal media” canard. And right now, it’s deflating rapidly.

I believe you are referring to cellulite?