Universe - Is it Infinite?

Is the universe infinite? Was the singularity before the Big Bang infinite?

Current evidence suggests that the Universe is probably infinite, though that’s not completely certain (it could be finite but much larger than our observational capability can probe). Certainly, it’s boundless: If it’s finite, then it “wraps around” in some manner. And if it is infinite now, then it was alwas infinite at all times after the Big Bang, and will always be infinite (likewise the converse: If it’s finite now, then it always was and always will be finite).

You’ll notice that I avoided saying whether it was infinite at a time of exactly t=0. With the current state of the art of physics (and quite possibly, with the best state of the art that can ever be developed), we can’t say anything meaningful about that moment. This is, in fact, why that’s called a singularity.

Just FYI, there is no factual answer to your question. Were you expecting there to be one?

Can you expand on this?

What does it mean that the universe is boundless? Does this mean that there is no edge to the universe? How does this relate to the universe expanding? What is the universe expanding into? Nothingness?

How would the universe wrap back on itself? Wouldn’t this make it infinite like a Möbius Strip ?

Didn’t we just do this?