University of Miami Students

Just thought I’d post this out of curiousity. I just transferred to UM and was wondering if anyone here is a current or former student.

What did/do you like most about the school?

Are there any classes you’d say a UM student must take/wouldn’t want to miss out on?

What was your best/worst experience at UM?

Anything else you’d like to share. I know there has to be some present/past Canes out there somewhere. So far I’m really liking this school. I’m very happy with my decision to come to UM. I have some great teachers and very interesting classes. Not to mention it has to be the most gorgeous campus in the US.

I wish I could help you. I just dropped by to say that the daughter of a good friend of mine just started going to school there on athletic scholarship. She’ll be playing fast pitch softball.

Say Hi to “Mo” when you get the chance!


I have some friends from when I lived down there who went to UM, and I can hook you up with them via e-mail if you like.