university question

I’ve recently been to both Reading and Oxford Brookes Uni open days for history and have both pretty good, i am choosing cardiff for my first choice but need to make a decision between these two for insurane, both are asking same grade requirments, but i need some info on what other think, social life/reputation/prices etc etc, any input would be much appreciated.

Homer J, you may find you get more responses if you have more descriptive subject lines, like “Reading or Oxford Brookes University: which should I choose??” Also, editing your post a little to have proper grammar and spelling will get you a long ways. I’m not trying to be an ass here, just trying to give you what are hopefully helpful suggestions.

Is this for undergraduate study? You’re applying to Oxford Brooks and Reading as “insurance” schools - i.e., second choices? Why can’t you just apply to both?

Neuroman: there are limits on the number of universities you can apply to in the UK, and if it’s anything like my time applying you have to specify a first- and second-choice.

As for the OP, I’m really not sure. Reading’s a decent town for nightlife as non-cities go, and although it’s not cheap it’s not as expensive as many cities either. As for reputation, I believe Reading is a ‘proper’ university whereas Oxford Brookes is a former poly. While that may not make so much difference nowadays, some employers can still get hung-up on that distinction.

In the end, it really depends on the reputation for the course. Have you tried the Times Educational Supplement website?

I agree with crusoe here - what’s important is the course you’re going to study and not the institution that you attend.

As far as the places themselves are concerned, Cardiff is a decent enough place to live but the amount of development going on there and in the Penarth area means that property prices are going up steadily and the developers are intending to attract business/professional people rather than students.

Reading, on the other paw, is a gorgeous old town with lots of character, great night life and a stack of fantastic pubs. Not that I’m at all prejudiced of course.

You need to impress employers with what you can do, not where you learned how to do it.