Unix Svr4

How to say it? Is the “V” the alphabet “vee,” or the Roman numeral “5”? Is it pronounced “ess-V*-are-four,” or “System V* Release Four”?

  • V, being “vee” or “5,” whichever is correct.

Holy cow! This is weird…My original subject said “UNIX SVR4.” Evidently vB decides on its own to de-capitalize the remaining letters?!? I’ma asking’ in ATMB…

V is indeed the roman numberal “5” in this instance, if that’s what you’re asking. System 5, Release 4.

Usually for short, though, as it’s written SVR4, I usually just say ess-vee-are-four, and I’ve heard others say it that way as well.

Everyone I’ve ever heard refer to System V has pronounced it ‘vee’, despite the fact that it clearly is not a vee but a five. Why? Probably because it’s earier to say ‘vee’ than ‘five’.

Really. That’s interesting…so you’d say “vee” even when it’s not abbreviated?

Yep. That’s the general trend, in my experience, even for for the full name: System Vee, Release Four. However, YMMV, of course. There’s probably someone out there who thinks it’s butchery, but that’s the way I’ve always heard it pronounced.