Unknown & strange QB stats

I was poking around the very interesting (American professional tackle) football statistics site www.databasefootball.com when I happened upon some quarterback passing statistics that I am totally unfamiliar with, specifically SKD and SKY. Example .

What the heck do those abbreviations mean? What do they measure? Any help would be appreciated.

SKD = number of sacks.
SKY = yardage lost in said sacks.

Quartreback rating is a crazy enough formula, apparently that website saw fit to come up with a rating “+” system. I’m sure they have the forumla to that somewhere on their website.

Wow, an excellent on point response in 6 minutes! I love this board! Thanks, Least Original User Name Ever.

I had looked around the databasefootball.com site for the definitions, including for “QB rating +”, but couldn’t find it.

Peg legged QB’s. They have a tendancy to run back 20 yards to get a look up the field for a reciever. This kind of QB makes the play selection obvious from the snap. In spite of the phenominal passing yards, these Bernie Kosar teams never make it to the top. In American football you need to do more than one thing sucessfully lest you lose your ability to misdirect. Several times per game, this sort of QB will take a huge loss in yardage but will never come close the the long passing yardage numbers.

I 'spose that could be figured into the QB’s abilities by the RB’s numbers, but that doesn’t seem quite fair.