Unlock your car with a cell phone?

Another thread on batteries sent me to metacafe for a video and this one popped up as well. It shows a car being unlocked with a cell phone.


Anyone have a T-mobile cell phone and a car with remote entry key (I assume required) and willing to give this a try and report. It sounds unbelievable that there is a universal signal to open car doors because I haven’t heard about a rash of thefts from cars

I believe this has been proven false. I’ll go find a link for ya.

I’ve tried it myself - didn’t work on my car or either of my two buddy’s cars.

Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/keyless.asp

Thanks, but that Snopes is about someone playing your own signal over a cell phone not about a universal signal for a signal cell phone.

In the US, T-Mobile cell phones use the 850 and 1900 MHZ frequencies (cite). Remote keyless entry devices use 315 MHz (cite) so I seriously doubt there is a chance that this could ever work.

I have a T-Mobile cell phone and a Ford Explorer with a keyless entry.

The procedure did not work for me.

I also tried dialing my entry code which did not work, either.

The whole idea is too stupid for words…

Yesterday, I discovered that a mouse had gotten into my trunk to eat some of the seeds from the 50 lb bag I’d left in there.

Smack dab near the teeny tiny hole in the seed bag, I found a teeny tiny T-Mobile cell phone, which the mouse must have left behind when I opened the trunk unexpectedly.

So much for Snopes and all you doubters of cellular technology.

The other day somebody who was locked out of his car asked me if I had a cell phone and a USB connector. Anybody have any idea how this would work?

No freaking clue.
Getting back to the OP, some keyless entry systems have security that is damn near nuclear launch code level. I know of one system that requires an eight character alpha numeric case sensitive code, AND a 16 character alpha numeric case sensitive code just to program a new remote. Which as to be done in the workshop with a computer that is has gone though at least 2 firewalls to get those codes. After that the lock/unlock codes roll every time a remote is used. So even if you somehow captured the code that unlocked the car last time, the same code won’t unlock it again.
After all that, you think the car maker is going to put a back door that anyone with a cell phone can use? :dubious:

Even if they operated on the same frequencies, it would be most unlikely to work. The job of a keyless remote is to transmit a code to the receiver in the car. The job of a cellphone is to transmit voice. Not the same thing at all.

Those cheeky little bastards… You need to buy your cat a cell phone.

The part about the small mouse hole in the bag of sunflower seeds is true, and empty shells in the area were abundant. I’m still wondering how the mouse found its way into the trunk.

Ok so it was the weirdest thing! The other day this mouse walks into my store and buys a new phone and an USB cable! He was talking kinda crazy, muttering something about locking the damn seeds away from him will they…then he left. Weird, huh?

As for the op. No way it would work, but in the name of science I tried it. I used a 8100 blackberry, a nokia 6103, a samsung T219 and a HTC wing. Not only didn’t it work but I dropped the wing and now I have to write off a phone. Stupid science.

Not “most likely will not work.”

Instead, “most definitely will not work at all” is more accurate.

Cell phones cannot “hear” those frequencies. Further, cell phones have no way of modulating the signal and sending it back out.