Unparliamentary language in the Dail today.


I was surprised at this.

A Green turning the air blue.

This is the same politician who, in the middle of a public meeting where he was one of the speakers, suddenly threw himself on the floor and played dead.

In other words a total publicity hound. Nothing he does surprises me any more.

When was this?

Last year. Here is a report (warning: Miriam Lord).

Can’t access it at home.

Well, it basically describes how he “suddenly jumped to his feet and collapsed on the ground, flailing his arms and rolling about before lying still for a few minutes. Then he picked himself up and sat back down.”

In explanation, he said “Senator Fitzgerald has been playing politics with the issue of the Rathcoole incinerator and is using it to make allegations and score points against the Greens… When Frances started the same old scaremongering rant, I took offence. I just kinda fell on the floor in absolute puzzlement. She always induces that sort of reaction in me.”

Like I said, total publicity hound.

Unfortunately all the hoo-ha is distracting attention from the things he actually said in his speech, such as that the budget should have cut old people’s pensions.

You should see the Australian House of Reps. They’re much more free with this sort of stuff there.

So, I suppose there is no video of this, huh? :frowning:

No, I’m sure I would have seen it by now if there was.

What offended me was the weenie, flouncy, whiny, bratty, no-balls way he did it. He didn’t sound like a grown adult losing his temper because of moral outrage, he sounded like a spoilt kid throwing a tantrum because he couldn’t have his own way.

If you’re gonna tell someone to fuck off, do it like you’ve got a pair. Otherwise, instead of being impressed by the fact that you were finally pushed over the line, everyone just wants to give you a good smack and send you to your room till you learn to behave yourself.

On the other hand, ‘Fuck you, Deputy Stagg’ would make a great T-shirt.