Unprecedented response to Halloween candy

This is just so odd I have to share it with SOMEONE. I’ve already shared it with my husband but he doesn’t seem to get how ODD it is.

Even though I haven’t always been fat, I’ve ALWAYS had an obsessive relationship with food. I attribute this mostly to my mother’s extreme approach to nutrition. White flour, sugar, chocolate, artificial colors/flavors, etc…all completely forbidden. Needless to say, whenever I had the rare opportunity to eat oreos, I ate oreos like someone who might never see an oreo or any other good thing ever again.

She wasn’t quite able to bring herself to simply have us opt out of Halloween however, so the Halloween rule was: You may eat all you want Halloween night and then we throw the rest away. The logical conclusion was bingeing and deception.

By the time I was 16 I was bulimic. By the time I was 22 I had stopped purging but not bingeing. I just decided being fat was better than being as f*cked up as I was as a bulimic.

Since then I’ve slowly slowly worked on becoming more food sane, never ever depriving myself, since that has always backfired massively. Somehow, I passed some sort of threshold this year. I’ve been steadily losing weight for the first time ever. I still, every day, have some sort of treat food, usually involving sugar and chocolate.

I have always considered Halloween candy, the stuff we buy and the stuff my kids bring home, to be fair game.

and this year (age 39), I’m just totally disinterested. I looked at a pile of snickers, kit kats, reese’s cups, hershey bars, etc. and just couldn’t muster up enough interest to bother opening one.

THAT IS SO TOTALLY WEIRD! My whole life Halloween has been a massive, culturally sanctioned pig out. And now I just can’t be bothered. It’s like seeing a penny on the ground, just not worth my while.

I almost feel like I OUGHT to eat some candy on principle.

The oddest thing is I couldn’t really even tell you why the change has occurred.

Sometimes, our brains like to change things up, just to keep us wondering. :smiley:

Life is weird like that. :smiley:

carlotta, I hope that your journey with food continues to improve.


Good for you- I saw some brownies today- and for the first time I said- I think i’ll pass. I’m not really hungry, even though they are Halloween Brownie (as if thats reason enough), i’ll just wait till dinner to eat something. Keep fighting the good fight!

Good for you! Be happy your brain’s changing.

That is great.
I also have a long history of food troubles, but mine aren’t over at all.
However, I didn’t really want any candy this year either.
It is odd for me, but totally explainable. I have a bad cold and can’t taste it anyway, so why bother?
Wait…I did bother. I just had a few(4) snack size candy bars, and could only sort of detect sweetness, but no taste. How crazy is that?!

Good for you!!!

The first day I had to leave me daughter at daycare, I was a wreck. I cried, I was scared, I was sad—typical first-timer reaction.

I went into a convenience store to buy a cup of coffee, and saw the candy bar display. So many goodies, all lined up waiting for the chance to “make me feel better”. I kind of shrugged, thought, well that’s not going to help, and just bought the coffee.

I can’t say I haven’t had a struggle since then, but that was certainly a watershed moment.

Good on you, Carlotta. And the rest of you, too.

I’ve been able to do without sweets for some time now. I just need to get off the sugary soda, myself. :frowning:

Because it is no longer forbidden candy. When you deny yourself, it looks so much better.

I can eat candy whenever I want to. I rarely buy it anymore, only eating it when someone gives it to me.

Kind of like cigarettes.
I used to love candy but after so much of it growing up my taste buds reject the enjoyment. I do have to get a sugar fix every week or so. Usually a pack of Skittles or some Li Hing Mui dried Mango. I can’t even force myself to eat chocolate anymore. Too sweet.